And The Winner Is…

…Kelly Garcia @ Okinawa-Rama!! 


Congratulation girl!  You have won a $25 Borders gift card.  Happy Shopping!  Thank you for your readership, support and friendship.  Having you in my life here in Okinawa has been wonderful and I love ya!

Everyone who entered in this contest, THANK YOU for your readership at Planet Books!  I love you all and appreciate you taking the time to visit me here and checking out what I have to say.  I have so much fun doing this book blog and sharing my thoughts with you.  I also love reading your blogs and seeing what is new with you and what is on your mind at the moment.

One thought on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Yeah!!!! Awesome!!!

    HI! I brought it with me to the auction yesterday because I thought you would be there. I’ll have Pete put it in Joe’s inbox at work so he can take it home to you.

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