Book Giveaway ~ The Disorder of Longing by Natasha Bauman

This Contest Has Concluded.  A Winner Will Be Announced Soon.

Summary ~ From Publishers Weekly
In Bauman’s overwrought debut, 1890s Bostonian Ada Pryce longs to escape the restrictions of a sexually frustrating, socially constricting marriage with tyrannical Edward, a gentleman hobbyist. Though he is an advocate of Karezza (spiritual purity through sexual deprivation), Edward can’t suppress Ada’s physical desire, first unleashed in a premarital affair with her college Shakespeare professor, nor can he rein in her intellectual tendencies, encouraged by friends but frowned upon by Ada’s Boston society matron mother. When Edward brings home a trio of orchid hunters—William Parrish, Walter Kebble and Jao da Cunha—opportunity for an Amazonian adventure knocks at Ada’s door. Bauman’s spirited heroine, range of settings and intimate knowledge of turn-of-the-century society impress, but they get smothered in descriptions of sexual dissatisfaction and rhapsodies on the erotic beauty of exotic plants. The overripe language may be meant to dramatize Ada’s unrequited passions, but the humidity makes for more squish than swoon. (June)
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I have one signed copy of this intruiging novel to giveaway to a lucky winner this week.  If you would like to enter to win The Disorder of Longing by Natasha Bauman, please leave a comment including your e-mail address below.  This giveaway will conclude on Saturday, October 18th at Midnight, EDT.  To be eligible for a second chance to win, just blog about this giveaway and include in your comment below the link to your post.  If you do not have a blog, please e-mail three people about this giveaway and cc me on it.  My e-mail address is  I promise not to use your friends e-mail addresses and will delete your e-mails as soon as I mark that I received them.

To read the first chapter of The Disorder of Longing and learn more about Natasha Bauman you can check out her website HERE.   

34 thoughts on “Book Giveaway ~ The Disorder of Longing by Natasha Bauman

  1. This sounds like a rather fun read. The era in which this story is set is appropriate. The 1890’s to the 1920’s was known as the “progressive era.” Ada appeared to be sexually progressing, whereas her spouse seemed to be holding onto old ways in an effort to cleanse his spiritual soul.

    The Amazonian twist could evoke a rather sultry image. However, in the description of this novel it seems that it is cause for further exacerbation of Ada’s sexual frustration.

    I have not read the book, but I find the term, “gentleman hobbyist” rather humorous. This termonolgy evokes a certain satirical flair. Edward is able to maintain his hobbies, but he isn’t taking the time to meet his spouse’s needs.

    Edward inadvertently brings Ada sexual escapade by way of his search for the orchid. Also very amusing is that the orchid’s name derives from the Greek word “orchis,” meaning “testicle.” In Ada’s Amazonian adventure she seeks a male, who might be able to perform sexually!

    Will Ada quench her sexual thirst during her Amazonian trip or will she become more frustrated in her search for the perfect “testicle?” Oh, I meant Orchid!

  2. Looks interesting. That cover looks borderline suggestive! My mind is not normally in the gutter but..well…what can I say? LOL.


  3. This book touches on an interesting topic to me, as well as being set in a time and place that I have always loved escaping to. Thank you for this giveaway!

  4. First I thought the review looked good and then on further checking I decided that i looks really good!!!
    Gosh- pleas enter me!
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  5. Hi!
    Just came over from the Bliss Domestic site. I’d love to be entered into your giveaway! This looks like it would be a fun read!
    Smiles, Bebe 🙂

  6. This book sounds awfully interesting. I believe I may have read this before. Not 100% sure though. I have read ALOT of books. I have always wanted to own a signed copy of a book. As a matter of fact, this evening as I was making dinner I thought I should write a favorite author of mine and ask her to sign a copy. I bet they get tons of people who send them books though asking for signatures. I guess we will see.
    Thanks Jessica

  7. I love the time period and culture this book is set in! The cover of the book is lovely. This author sounds interesting and I
    would love to read her book. Please enter me in your delightful
    drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  8. I am intrigued and fascinated with this novel. The cover is beautiful and the story captivating. Thanks for this giveaway.

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