Through The Worm Hole

Well, I’m here in Northern Virginia, and I can’t believe that I live in Japan.  It’s so hard to grasp that sometimes.  Having a life on two continents; friends, things to do, places to be and even doctors appointments.  (I’m getting my knee checked out this Friday to see what is going on in there.)

I wrote a blog post while I was on my eleven and a half hour flight from Tokyo to Washington Dulles, but I left it upstairs, so I will work on getting that typed up and posted later this week.  Are you doing anything out of the ordinary this week?  Reading any good books?  Do you have anything to recommend I look for when I’m on sensory overload at B&N and Borders these next two weeks?  Oh, BTW, I asked the hubby for an Amazon Kindle for my birthday in January.  I’ve wanted one since it was first introduced in 2007 but after seeing Oprah on Friday, yes Oprah, I decided that I must have one.