Sunday Salon ~ November 16th, 2008

So I just returned to Okinawa after a whirlwind two week trip to the D.C. area.  The official purpose for the trip was to attend my friend Jesse’s wedding but I also managed to see a ton of friends and spend time with family.  I easily put at least a thousand miles on my father-in-law’s brand new Lexus over the two week period and spent time in three states, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, as well as our nation’s capital. 

On election eve I had dinner and drinks with my two dear friends and prior bosses, Aura & John, at Morton’s Steakhouse on Connecticut Avenue and L Street in D.C.  It was an exciting time to be in D.C. and to be alive.  Such a historic day was awaiting us.  Election night was spent in Delaware with my best friend, Angela.  Due to my jet lag I wasn’t able to stay up to see Obama accept his new position as our next President but Angela, bless her heart, did wake me up to tell me he had won.  “Sorry I scared you to death when I was startled awake!” 

While I was stateside I received books from authors at four different addresses.  My folks house in Maryland, my in-laws house in Virginia, our military P.O. Box on base in Okinawa and a book even arrived from an author living in mainland Japan who sent her book to my Okinawa residence where we live off base.  I have so many books to read over the next few months, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed but am excited about the stories that await my attention.  I also went to numerous Borders and Barnes & Noble stores while I was on the east coast and found it impossible to resist buying some books that had been on my wish list or that I just came across.  I had to mail all those books back because I didn’t have room in my suitcases for them.  They will hopefully arrive in the next couple of days.  When they do, I might have to take a picture of the impressive stack they will form and share it with you.

Well, after a jam packed trip, I have had the luxury of recuperatingand hanging out with the hubby and doggy.  It’s been a relaxing few days.  The jet lag is tough to get over but it gets a little bit better every day.  Tomorrow starts a busy schedule once again here on the island.  I am hosting Christine Son and her book Off The Menu for TLC Book Tours on Monday, followed by a list of things to do this week in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Be sure to check in with me here, starting Monday morning EST, where you will find a great little Q & A with Christine Son. 

I will start posting more regularly again here at Planet Books.  Thank you for checking in on me!  I still have some stories to tell about my trip home, including the great opportunity I had meeting author Jessica Anya Blau.  She wrote The Summer of Naked Swim Parties.  I also had the great pleasure of meeting Larry Doyle, the author of I Love You, Beth Cooper, at the same book event. 

I hope you are having a great weekend!  What are you reading?  Anything you would recommend?