I Can’t Do It!


So you may remember that I was very excited about reading along to my digital download of The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson while traveling to and from the states last month.  Well, I tried, I really tried.  I wanted to read this book so badly that it was the only one I brought on the forever long flight from Japan to D.C.  Unfortunately I wasn’t expecting my gag reflex to kick in so violently that it made it impossible for me to read along or just plain read The Gargoyle.  I am hoping that I grow thicker skin as I get older and will be able to read it one day but for now, reading about the main character’s horrific burns on most of his body and the very detailed description of the treatments he had to undergo were too much for me. 

Now I know that this is a work of fiction but the writing is so good and wonderful that I felt as if I was experiencing everything that the character was going through and it was really terrible.  Have you read The Gargoyle?  I know a few of you out there have and I read your glistening reviews of the book, which made me even more excited about reading it, but were those scenes hard for you to get through too?  Am I the only one?

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It!

  1. The descriptions don’t last for the whole book. They definitely made me cringe and want to look away but, as you said, the writing is really good, and that made me not be able to put the book down. The first chapter or so is the absolute worst then, as you said, there are some very vivid descriptions of his treatments, but by about 1/3 of the way through the book (if I remember correctly) all those descriptions end, and it focuses more on the love story.

  2. I’ve been wanting to read this forever. I don’t have the same gag response to that type of descriptive writing so I think I should be fine!

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