You Can Mail That Book To…

During the two weeks that I was in the States last month, I received ARC’s from authors and publicists at four addresses.  My FPO, AP military address, my Japanese address, my in-law’s house in Virginia and my parents house in Maryland.  The stack I accumulated from these packages was added to by the shopping I did at Borders and Barnes & Noble. 

One day I spent two and a half blissful hours all by my self, just browsing the shelves at the White Flint Borders in Rockville, MD.  I worked as a music seller and then the store’s Corporate Accounts Representative from August 1997 to August 1998 so that store holdstons of sentimental value and memories for me.  It really was one of the best jobs I have ever had and the friends that I made while working there have remained in my life ever since.  You know who you are.

One thing I noticed while looking for books on my wish list was the amount of titles that faced out on the shelves are either books I have read and loved, are on my ARC TBR shelf (I’m a little late on reading/reviewing some), or have graced the pages of this blog as well as your book blogs.   As I started to recognize more and more books I decided to write down all the titles to share with you here.  Also, at the end of the list is a pic of my stack I accumulated in two weeks.

The Painter From Shanghai
Pillars of the Earth 
Baby Proof
Water for Elephants
Between Here & April
My Best Friend’s Girl
Man of the House
My Husband’s Sweethearts
The Last Summer of You and Me
The Summer of Naked Swim Parties
One Fifth Avenue
The Gargoyle
The Red Tent
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water
The 19th Wife
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter
Bitter Sweets
The Historian
Free Food For Millionaires
House & Home
The Reading Group
The New Yorkers
Time of My Life
American Wife
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Just Breathe


6 thoughts on “You Can Mail That Book To…

  1. What a great stack of books! I”ve read 4 or 5 of your titles; my favorite (of those I’ve read) is *Middlesex*. I liked it much more than Euginides’ *Virgin Suicides.*

    and I’m envious … I still haven’t read *Guernsey*!

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