All I Want For Christmas Is…

My favorite catalogue that we receive in the mail is from Williams~Sonoma.  Hubby and I pour over it, oohing and ah-hing over the products and drooling over the recipes.  This year I have asked Santa/Hubby for the Filled-Pancake Pan and the Cuisinart 9-Speed Hand Mixer in Brushed Chrome from W~S.  Now I have been interested in getting this pancake pan ever since I first saw it in a catalogue earlier this year.  You can fill those little pancakes with just about anything and I hope to be able to make something delicious with the pan for breakfast on Christmas morning.  The hand mixer will be a nice addition to our lovely kitchen of gadgets.  I love my Kitchen-Aid Artisan stand mixer dearly and it really has become a staple in our kitchen, especially around the holidays.  There are just some recipes that I don’t need to use the stand mixer for and have wished I had a hand mixer in the moment. 

When I was home last month, I found myself in many a mall.  Be it Tyson’s Corner Mall or White Flint Mall, I made my way into the Williams~Sonoma store to look at all the items I wish for in the catalogue but can actually touch in the store.  If you were ever feeling generous and were looking for a Christmas present or birthday present (January 1st!) for me, I would gladly accept a gift card from W~S.  😉

What catalogue or store do you find yourself excited by, besides bookstores?  Are you a quilt store/fabric store junkie, a kitchen supply store junky (W~S or Sur La Table), or what? 

3 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. I have to say that Pottery Barn is what does it for me. Although I got pretty excited when I saw that pancake pan. I’m envisioning an applie filling with powdered sugar. Yum!

  2. DOB ~ Crate & Barrel is a household fave here. We registered with them for our wedding and have a ton of stuff from their 2004 season. Such a great store!

    Ti ~ Pottery Barn is my second favorite catalogue that we receive! The project table is on my must have list when we move back to the states next year. We also have the Reindeer Holiday plates, table runner, platters, serving bowls, glasses, mugs and dinner napkins. We had dinner guests over on Sunday and I set the table with them. They are always a huge hit.

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