Sunday Salon ~ December 14th, 2008

Happy Sunday!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend.  The holiday season is in full swing now and though I don’t get to go to American malls this year, the memories of our home visit last Christmas is still fresh in my head.  Hubby and I were at the mall every day, fighting for parking spots, walking the halls of Tyson’s Corner Mall, Montgomery Mall and Fair Oaks Mall in the D.C. area with thousands of other shoppers, getting all the presents purchased for each other and our family.  This should be our last Christmas in Okinawa so it was back to on-line shopping for Christmas presents for us and family in the states.  I might keep that up even when we get back to “the real world” because it really is so much easier. 

This weekend was a quiet one for us.  The only excitement was dinner with some of Hubby’s co-workers last night.  It was nice to see people I don’t see on a daily basis and meet some new people as well. 

I can’t say that I’ve done much reading this weekend but this week’s social calendar is pretty empty so I won’t really have an excuse for not finishing Dewey.  Today I did play around with my stamping stuff though.  Somewhere along the line I came across this great blog called Fat Cat Stamper.  This lady’s cards are just gorgeous and I was so inspired that I had to try to make something this afternoon.  All of my stamping stuff is from Stampin’ Up!, so I used the Eastern Blooms and the True Friends stamp set and came up with this:


What are you up to this weekend?  Christmas shopping?  Reading an irresistible book?  Working on some crafts too?  I would love to hear about it.