Book Review ~ Dewey by Vicki Myron

51vqjqdidrl__ss500_2Summary ~ DEWEY ~ THE SMALL -TOWN LIBRARY CAT WHO TOUCHED the WORLD (From Publishers Weekly):
One frigid Midwestern winter night in 1988, a ginger kitten was shoved into the after-hours book-return slot at the public library in Spencer, Iowa. And in this tender story, Myron, the library director, tells of the impact the cat, named Dewey Readmore Books, had on the library and its patrons, and on Myron herself. Through her developing relationship with the feline, Myron recounts the economic and social history of Spencer as well as her own success story—despite an alcoholic husband, living on welfare, and health problems ranging from the difficult birth of her daughter, Jodi, to breast cancer. After her divorce, Myron graduated college (the first in her family) and stumbled into a library job. She quickly rose to become director, realizing early on that this was a job I could love for the rest of my life. Dewey, meanwhile, brings disabled children out of their shells, invites businessmen to pet him with one hand while holding the Wall Street Journal with the other, eats rubber bands and becomes a media darling. The book is not only a tribute to a cat—anthropomorphized to a degree that can strain credulity (Dewey plays hide and seek with Myron, can read her thoughts, is mortified by his hair balls)—it’s a love letter to libraries.


In challenging times like we are facing right now, I believe it is important and good for the human soul to read a story like Dewey ~ The Small-Town Cat Who Touched the World.  To see a town and it’s citizens hit hard by financial woes, illness and all of life’s hard knocks, come together through the love of a single feline is a miracle.  The story of Dewey, the cat of the Spencer Library in Spencer, Iowa is a labor of love and respect for a cat and the lives that he affected locally and around the world. 


This story was a great one about the love for a cat who just happened to be left in the book return bin at a library in a small town and who was rescued by a woman and her library staff who allowed him to nestle and cuddle his way into their lives and the lives of so many others.  There are so many touching and tear-jerking passages in this book, that at almost every sitting, I had to grab a wad of tissues in order to make it though the chapter.  From Dewey’s visits with the children of Spencer, Iowa when they would come to the library for story hour, to the handicapped children who brightened and became more alert in Dewey’s presence.  Vicki Myron, with the help of writer Bret Witter, does a fabulous job of giving the reader background information about the townspeople of Spencer and even shares very personal stories from her own life in order to paint a complete picture of just how powerful and important Dewey Readmore Books’ friendship and love was.


Dewey graced the shelves and rooms of the Spencer Library for nineteen years and though he couldn’t possibly have known the impact he had on people all over the world, he knew that the time he spent with people in his library was worth while and helped bring smiles to sad hearts on a daily basis.


I absolutely loved this book.  It was a great story about a cat that made a difference to many.  The book was very easy to get lost in and there weren’t many slow parts at all.  I would recommend this book to any animal or book lover and I must advise that you keep a box of tissues close by at all times.

{Rating ~ 4.5 out of 5}

Thanks to Library Thing’s Early Reviewer Program for sending me my free copy of Dewey.


14 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Dewey by Vicki Myron

  1. I liked this book too. It was simple and sweet. I think the editor could have trimmed it a bit as some parts were a tad overdone (in my opinion) but overall, it left me all warm and fuzzy. Made me miss my cat too. He passed away last February but provided me with happiness for 17+ years.

  2. i am a big animal lover and this book was beautifully
    written, i wish i had met this gorgeous cat.
    he made so many people so happy and i cried when
    Dewey died in Vickys arms.
    i couldn’t imagine that library ever been the same without him.
    the lovely people of Spencer must miss him everyday
    and the lucky ones who got to know him and spend
    time with him would have so many beautiful memories
    of him.
    this book will have to be one of the most beautiful books i have ever read and even though i have never
    met Dewey i cannot stop thinking of him.
    he was truly one of a kind and i thank those lovely ladies at the library and the town people who took
    Dewey into their hearts and made him feel so special and loved, he was truly unique.

  3. I’m in the midst of finishing this book and am truly touched by this heartwarming story. I love kitties, or any animals for that matter, particularly those abandoned/abused ones. Dewey was lucky to have found a warm & loving home such as his and he must have known it too. I haven’t reach the part of his passing but I know I will cry because I’ve already fallen in love with him just by reading his story! Thank you Vicki for sharing such a wonderful creature with the world!

  4. i think dewey is the best book i have ever read. He past away in 2006 which was when i was 8 years old and i had no idea such a great cat had ever lived. many will say he’s just like their cat but dewey is something special . he brought a whole town together and reached out and touched many lives. this book is a great book and you should read it!

  5. I love cats, I love my own cat and after I read this..
    I think I can say, even though I never met Dewey, I’ve fallen in love with him.
    It feels like I was with him his whole life and I didn’t want to read the last chapters because I didn’t want him to die. But thats life..
    Lovely book. It really touched me.

  6. This was a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wished I could have met Dewey. The ending of this book was so depressing. Despite this, I enjoyed every chapter!

  7. è stato molto toccante ogni volta che vedo un gatto rosso penso a lui mi ha preso il cuore e l’ho fatto un po ‘ mio grazie

  8. Oh My O My – I have my big orange tabby that is a Dewey looker.
    I was crying and laughing at the same time. Great story and it’s true
    which makes it even greater.

    Robert Wilkins
    Vancouver BC

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