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The Bookshelf Meme

I was tagged for this meme by Alyce ~ At Home With Books

Tell me about the book that has been on your shelves the longest…

I have a collection of books that I started receiving from my parents when I was a toddler.  My parents are big book people and all about nice collections so I have a number of books that are “Illustrated Junior Library Edition” books. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Aesop’s Fables
The Wizard of Oz
Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
The Swiss Family Robinson
King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table
Little Women





Tell me about a book that reminds you of something specific in your life (i.e. a person, a place, a time, etc.)…

The copy of The Wizard of Oz that I listed above was given to me for Christmas or my birthday when I was four (I think, but I may have been five) by my parents.  My parents took turns reading it to me under sad circumstances.  My little sister was very sick with a body retching and depleting flu when she was 2’ish and was in the hospital for a week.  Well, Daddy would read to me at home in the evenings before bed and when we went to the hospital to visit my sister and my mom, who was sleeping in my sister’s room throughout the whole hospital stay, Mom and I would go to the cafeteria and she would read to me while she ate some lunch.  Though it was a scary time for us, Sis did get well, I will always remember the time my folks took to read The Wizard of Oz to me.  The Wizard of Oz is also my favorite childhood film of all time.

Tell me about a book you acquired in some interesting way (gift, serendipity in a used book store, prize, etc.)…

I have received numerous books as gifts, prizes and through life’s little surprises but none really stand out more than others.

Tell me about the most recent addition to your shelves…

I just received a book of short stories as a birthday present from my friend Kelly the other day.  It’s called Runaway by Alice Munro.

Tell me about a book that has been with you to the most places…

I have taken my books with me on most of my moves and since I also take the book I am currently reading with me when I go out during the day, you never know if you will get stuck in line somewhere.  Again, there is not one book that rises to the top of the list of the ones I own.

Tell me about a bonus book that doesn’t fit any of the above questions…

I do have travel books for Tokyo, Kyoto, Hong Kong and Singapore that I took on my visits to their title names.  All are from the Lonely Planet series and are incredible travel guides. 

The Rules
1. Tag 3-5 people, so the fun keeps going!
2. Leave a comment at the original post at A Striped Armchair, so that Eva can collect everyone’s answers.
3. If you leave a comment and link back to Eva as the meme’s creator, she will enter you in a book giveaway contest! She has a whole shelf devoted to giveaway books that you’ll be able to choose from, or a bookmooch point if you prefer.
4. Remember that this is all about enjoying books as physical objects, so feel free to describe the exact book you’re talking about, down to that warping from being dropped in the bath water…
5. Make the meme more fun with visuals! Covers of the specific edition you’re talking about, photos of your bookshelves, etc.
I am tagging:
Sonja @ AudioInput 

5 thoughts on “Tag! I’m It!

  1. Ah, Karen. Thanks for tagging me, but I’m afraid my answers wouldn’t be all that interesting. I’m sorry!! It would make for a very boring post if all I said was “I can’t think of one” or “None stand out” but that is what it would be like!!

  2. I loved looking at the book jackets – I think I actually owned these editions of Alice in Wonderland and Aesop’s Fables. Ah…..memories.

    I also loved your parent’s tradition of giving you “big people” books when you were just a toddler. What a wonderful keepsake. While it is too late for me to start this tradition with my own children, I do think I will borrow the idea when I have grandchildren.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I also have that Little Women Jr. edition(got it as a Christmas present years ago) and it’s one of my must haves . Need to look over my personal library before answering this meme but will respond soon!

  4. I had no idea that was your first encounter with the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz just seems to have always been a part of life… I had no idea that the time in the hospital was the starting point!

    A book that reminds me of something specific: Signed books always remind me of meeting the author. The books represent those meetings and those people when I see them on my shelves.

    A book acquired in an interesting way: Many special book gifts from friends, family, and my husband.

    Most recent addition to my shelves: Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides.

    A book that has been with me to the most places: Probably the Bible.

    Bonus book: Not sure what to pick for “bonus”…. um… how about a little sized book… those feel like bonuses on my shelves because they get tucked into gaps…. Grapefruit by Yoko Ono.

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