Checking In

Well, I didn’t realize until a moment ago that it has been over a week since my last post.  Sorry about that.  I don’t know where the time goes and can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that February 4th is coming to an end already. 

I’m still reading The Piano Teacher.  It was a slow start and I found myself very disappointed over that.  I was soooo excited about reading this book and when I didn’t find myself swept up in the story or by the characters, I wondered how this could happen.  Love, affairs, theft, WWII, Hong Kong, Japanese invasion.  How could this subject matter not lead to riveting reading?  Well I’m just approaching the middle of the book and am finally finding myself asking what will happen next.  What will happen to Will?  Will Claire get caught in her mischievous ways? 

What have you been up to?  Are you reading anything riveting or just disappointing?  What is next on your TBR list?

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I was busy with production week for my son. He was in The Music Man. I posted about it here:

    I am just now getting back into the swing of things. I am reading The Terror. I feel as if I have been reading it forever as it is 700 pages long but I love it! Now I can read more of it and actually make some progress.

    It’s already February and I am so late with starting on all my resolution stuff. I can’t even remember what they were!

  2. I LOVE The Music Man! I used to perform in Montgomery College’s Summer Dinner Theatre program and we did that show in ’93. So long ago! It was a blast though. The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite film and book. I look forward to reading about your and your son’s experience with that show. What a great director to pick such fun shows for children.

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