Sunday Salon ~ February 22nd, 2009

Since my Sunday Salon post last weekend I started reading Mark Alpert’s Final Theory.  I had purchased this book at the PX last year when it was first released based on the premise of the story.  A thriller centered around the idea that Albert Einstein discovered the Einheitliche Feldtheorie, “… a set of equations that could explain all the forces of nature…” and the possibility of this theory falling into the wrong hands and leading to the probable end of the world.  WOW! 

Well, I have a personal interest in this story because my father is a physicist with “…broad research interests including quantum field theory, quantum computation, quantum cryptography, quantum optics, general relativity, and non-neutral plasma physics.”  (As seen on Dr. Howard Brandt’s Wikipedia page.) 

Final Theory takes the reader from New York City to Princeton, NJ and then to Carnegie Mellon University.  When I was in junior high we went on a family trip to Princeton, NJ to visit the campus of the university and to see Albert Einstein’s house where he lived while a professor at Princeton.  Another draw to this book is the fact that my sister and her husband met while working on their undergraduate degrees at Carnegie Mellon.  It always helps when  reading a story and I have been to the places where the characters are. 

I had been in need of a distraction from our impending international move back to the States and I definitley found it in Final Theory.  I’m almost done with the book and will be posting my review this week.  By the way, I am really enjoying the book!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ February 22nd, 2009

  1. Moving is always such a chore, isn’t it? And then moving so far on top of it . . . I hope everything goes smoothly with the move.

    Final Theory sounds like a great thrill ride–interesting premise. I will have to keep my eye out for it!

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