Monday Musings ~ March 23rd, 2009

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookstores…

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?


Living overseas has caused me to rely on for buying books but when I’m at home in the MD/DC/VA area, I am a loyal customer of the White Flint Borders Books, Music and Cafe in Rockville, MD.  I used to work at this store from 1997 to 1998 and due to the fond memories from this job, I never hesitate to go peruse this particular stores shelves.  Over a decade later, I am still close friends with some of the people I met while working there.   I will admit though that over the years, I find that I like the Barnes & Noble at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Tyson’s Corner, VA though.  Maybe it’s because when we go home to visit, we stay my in-law’s house which isn’t far from that mall. 

When in downtown DC, I love to visit Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle.  They offer a good variety of titles and I love the fact that it’s open (I think) twenty-four hours and also has a restaurant in the back called Afterwards.  Another local book store which is has a few locations in the DC Metro area is Olsson’s Books.  Their CD section used to be wonderful as well but I haven’t visited one since iTunes became a way of life. 

*I just  went to the Olsson’s website to make sure I was spelling their name correctly and I sadly discovered that they have closed all their stores and are filing for bankruptcy!!  OMG!  I just checked Kramerbooks to make sure the same hasn’t happened to them, and they are still up and running.  The independent bookstore is definitely facing problems in these tough times.

A New Goal

For some reason, I have found it extremely challenging to keep up with all my Google Reader subscriptions (and I keep adding more subscriptions weekly) and I haven’t ever been good at responding to your wonderful comments on this blog.  I’m trying to change all of that.  I am working my way through the backlog of book blogs on my GR this week and hope to be able to get it down to just reading the daily feeds every morning instead of the plethora of week old feeds maybe once a week.  I’m also going to comment more frequently on your great blog posts. 

If you noticed in my last post, I responded to each of your comments.  Thank you for leaving them.  I’m going to attempt to be more interactive with you as you leave comments.  I really love the “friends” I have made throughout the book blogging community and hope to become a louder voice in it myself as time goes on. 

Do you find that these are challenges you face too?  Do you approach reading book blogs kind of like a fun job and set aside a specific time of day for going through them?