A New Goal

For some reason, I have found it extremely challenging to keep up with all my Google Reader subscriptions (and I keep adding more subscriptions weekly) and I haven’t ever been good at responding to your wonderful comments on this blog.  I’m trying to change all of that.  I am working my way through the backlog of book blogs on my GR this week and hope to be able to get it down to just reading the daily feeds every morning instead of the plethora of week old feeds maybe once a week.  I’m also going to comment more frequently on your great blog posts. 

If you noticed in my last post, I responded to each of your comments.  Thank you for leaving them.  I’m going to attempt to be more interactive with you as you leave comments.  I really love the “friends” I have made throughout the book blogging community and hope to become a louder voice in it myself as time goes on. 

Do you find that these are challenges you face too?  Do you approach reading book blogs kind of like a fun job and set aside a specific time of day for going through them?

6 thoughts on “A New Goal

  1. I try to read daily and often do but it always results in dozens of additional books that are added to my TBR pile. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t get a handle of my pile. I know I am not the only one that has this problem.

    I am online at work all day though so I can read stuff in between projects. I’m sure that is why I am pretty caught up with my reader.

    Hi Ti! I will be (hopefully) joining the work force again when we return to the states and hope that I will get the chance to catch up on blogs during lunch breaks and smaller breaks throughout the day.
    My TBR list grows weekly, and now that I have a Kindle, it seems to be growing even more. I find myself browsing the Kindle Book Store on Amazon every evening and adding to my list of wants in my little notebook. It Never Ends!!

  2. I have the problem of adding more and more blogs to my feed reader and try to keep up with them on a regular basis (although sometimes that doesn’t really happen)

  3. Hey Steph!
    After finally reading through all 300+ feeds yesterday, I’m giong to go insane for a moment this morning and add more blogs to my reader. I know. I’m nutz! Oh well.

    I’ll let you know about Book Expo. If I don’t make it this time, next year will be a must. Keep in mind that I’m not against taking a day trip to Jersey though! I would love to meet you too. 🙂

  4. It seems to have become more difficult for me to keep up in recent weeks. I have given myself permission to leave comments on week old posts. I just can’t get to them all during the week. I do want to make an effort of at least visiting the blogs of those who leave comments for me. So when things get really tight, that is my priority–even if it takes me awhile. 🙂

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