Book Review ~ Baby Proof by Emily Giffin


Don’t be fooled by the sweet yellow paper and charming baby shoe charms on the cover of Emily Giffin’s third novel, Baby Proof.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much this story had to offer and how many layers the characters and plot had. 

Claudia is a book editor for a Manhattan publishing house and is great at her job.  She has always known what she wants and one of those things is *gasp* to never have kids.  She meets Ben on a blind date and finds out that they have this in common.  After a quick courtship (seven months or so) they get engaged and then married and begin their “kid-free” life together in their beloved city of Manhattan.  Then one day a switch turns on in Ben and he announces that he would like to have a baby with Claudia. 

So begins Baby Proof by Emily Giffin.  I picked this book up off my TBR shelf to kill time while getting through the last week of waiting for my Kindle to arrive.  I was surprised at how much this book had to offer and that it wasn’t a shallow, light and easy read.  Though Baby Proof falls under the Chick Lit category it has so many layers to it, that I really ended up loving.  I liked the characters, the sub plots were all good and the outcome was acceptable in the end.  I enjoyed reading about Claudia’s job as a book editor (one of my dream jobs) and how she related to the authors and tried to promote them to her best capabilities.  I liked reading about a woman who doesn’t need children of her own in her life in order for it to be a fulfilling one.  Claudia’s husband, Ben, is not a bad guy for changing his mind after a few years of sublime marriage, his priorities changed is all.  That happens to all of us at some points in our lives.  I did like that Giffin didn’t have Claudia give in and she stuck to her wants. 

This book made me do a lot of unexpected thinking and soul searching.  My priorities changed a couple of years ago and now I wish to live a kid-free life.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and though sometimes Hubby disagrees with me, our love and adventures are strong enough to enrich our lives together.  We are a great aunt and uncle team to our nieces and nephews and friend’s children too.  Reading Baby Proof brings up a conversation that not a lot of other chick lit books seem to do and I enjoyed the experience and the conversations that came from it. 

{Rating ~ 4 out of 5 stars}


7 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

  1. Every couple has the right to choose how they should live, be it with kids or not. The only time it’s hard is when the couple does not agree.

    Stone Creek has the same conflict between the two characters. At first they agree, but then down the line one of them changes their mind.

    Great review. You are right, by the cover I would guess this book to be a super light read.

  2. I read this one last year. I’ve found that Emily Giffin’s novels seem to have a bit more substance and undercurrents than most “chick-lit” – usually quick reading, but not as light as one might assume.

    This is definitely one of those topics that a couple needs to agree on completely, or there WILL be problems in the relationship at some point.

  3. Very interesting! LibraryLove and I read this book last summer and it started conversations with our girlfriends as well. Isn’t it funny how women can be judged and blasted for making the decision to not have children? (Side note: but then the Duggars get blasted for HAVING children!) hehehe Ok, I realize that’s extreme, but whatever. 🙂

    Great topic and good read! Probably my favorite Emily Giffin book.

  4. I’ve read both of Giffin’s other books and i didn’t find this one very interesting. I was fed up with Darcy in Something Blue but at least i was entertained. Giffin should write a book on the characters in the other books stick with those stories. This book was disappointment.

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