Sunday Salon ~ March 29th, 2009

Over the last two weeks the question hasn’t necessarily been, “What are you reading?”, but “How have you been reading?”  I have been reading on my Kindle 2 and enjoying every moment of the new reading experience that it provides.  It is such a natural way to read that I keep finding myself going to turn the page as with a regular book and having to remind myself that I have to push one of two buttons in order to actually turn the page forward.  There is another button for going to the previous page.  One of my favorite features is the dictionary.  Say I don’t know what a word is.  (When doesn’t that happen?)  Well, I can just move the cursor with the five-way button to the word in question and the definition is displayed at the bottom of the page.  If the first sentence of the definition doesn’t provide enough information then hit the return key on the Kindle’s keyboard and the definition entry will appear in it’s entirety as it appears in a real dictionary.  I love it!

Amazon Kindle 2 Photos

Living overseas, I am unable to use the Whispernet function which would allow me to be anywhere the Kindle receives service in the states, i.e. cell phones, but I can easily download my purchases from onto my computer and then transfer them to the Kindle in the blink of an eye.  I have already read THE READER on it and am now reading LITTLE BEE.  I have also downloaded DROOD, HANDLE WITH CARE, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, THE COMPLETE WIZARD OF OZ (for $0.99), THE SCHOOL OF ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS, THE BOOK THIEF, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON (for $0.99), THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE, GRACELING and THE HOLY BIBLE (for free).   When Hubby and I were coming back from Hong Kong two Friday’s ago, we had a four hour lay over in Taipei.  Well, I finished THE READER in the first thirty minutes of us sitting down at the gate.  I was able to use the notes function and start typing my book review right there on the Kindle and then I browsed the titles that I had downloaded before the trip and chose to start LITTLE BEE.  Too cool!

I know I have been praising the Kindle seemingly nonstop since I received it in the mail two weeks ago, and I promise to reel myself in about it, but I can not recommend this little contraption enough.  My idea for managing which books I buy in “real form” and the Kindle format is the same as how I buy music and use my iPod.  There will always be that book that I have to have on my literal shelf and hold in my hands but there are so many that I want to own but don’t need to have the “real” book in house.  Buying books in the digital format will help me control space on bookshelves, using paper and not lugging a bunch of books around when on trips, subways, and I can carry a bunch of books at once in one small package.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ March 29th, 2009

  1. I can definitely see the advantages of using an e-reader like the Kindle. If ever the prices reach a more affordable level and I have less books in my TBR room that would make me feel guilty for passing them over for electronic versions, I may seriously consider getting one.

  2. I worry about flicker. Do you see any kind of a flicker at all or is it really like looking at a page in a book? I tried another e-reader and the slight flicker triggered migraines. The same goes for smart phones. I can’t use many of them because of the flicker issue.

  3. Hi Ti! I don’t see any flickers of the page when reading at all. I think it works kind of like an etcha-sketch or something. When you “turn the page” the page just seems to reset itself with the words for the next page. It really is like looking at a page on a book. The color of the screen is similar to the gray of a newspaper and my eyes don’t feel any differently when reading it or a real book. The Kindle is not back lit like smart phones, computer screens and iPods. You actually need a book light or a lamp in order to read it at night.

    Hi Nat! I have yet to get my hands on an iPhone. When we move back to the states in May I want a BBerrry though. One of my best friends has an iPhone though. Is the screen big enough to comfortably read a book on? You’ll have to keep us posted! Good luck with all your work and have a great week!

  4. Alyce, it so is! I was reading something in a “regular” book or magazine earlier and really wished I could just push a button and get the definition on the page right then and there. LOL!

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