Ready, Set, Move! Part 1

Some of you may know and some of you may not, but Hubby, Rocky and I are preparing for the big move from Okinawa back to the D.C. area.  YAY!  We have been procrastinating our butts off over the last month and though our paperwork to make things absolutely, positively, no doubt about it official haven’t arrived on Hubby’s desk yet, we have flight reservations for mid-May and a separation date from Hubby’s job. 

Well, the moving bug finally hit yesterday with a BANG!  Whew!  When you live over here you have to sell your cars and though you could give power of attorney to a friend if you can’t sell them before you leave, we don’t want to do that.  Hubby didn’t think that we would get a whole heck of a lot for our cars.  No one really has used cars here if you are SOFA Status.  The Japanese requirements on cars are pretty strict and you have to get them inspected and the insurance renewed every two years.  This is called JCI.  It’s not really hard to do but can get expensive if the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection.  Well, Big Kahuna passed with flying colors last week.  Yes, I named my van Big Kahuna.  I LOVE him!  He’s the best and technically he is the first car that is solely mine. Ever!  His JCI was coming up in May so in order to sell him more easily I JCI’d him on Tuesday. 


Yesterday I posted an ad for the van on www.OkinawaYardSales.comwith some pics and a write up and in less than twenty minutes from posting it, I had an e-mail from someone who wanted to see the van.  Within three hours I had received nine e-mails and over eighty-five views!  We met with the first person yesterday evening and they want to buy my van!  I am so relieved because it’s one less gigantic thing to worry about.  Now I have to take Hubby’s car in for an oil change and detail service tomorrow morning then get an ad on Oki Yard Sales for it and see what happens.  Wish me luck! 

This morning I purged my drawers and I have a huge pile of clothes to take over to the thrift shop on base.  I still have to do the closet but I feel much better now that the ball has started rolling.  37 days left in Okinawa!

9 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Move! Part 1

  1. Hi Nat! Well, I really miss the culture and museums in D.C. Before living here in Oki I didn’t know a lick about the U.S. Military and it’s history. Because there aren’t commercials on American Forces Network they have AFN spots. These range from OPSEC (Operation Security) how-to reminders to state facts to military history re-enactments done in thrity seconds. I have never been to Arlington Cemetary or the Marine Barracks at the Navy Yard in DC so I look forward to checking those and many other things out. I guess the military aspects of DC weren’t a priority in my parents book when I was growing up. We did spend a ton of time at the National Gallery of Art and the Air & Space Museum though. 🙂 We also can’t wait to go out to eat at our favorite old haunts and find new places since our culinary tastes have been expanded while living here. Also, real live book stores and Costco! Gimme Costco, Nordstrom and outlets!

    Hi Ti! Yes, progress IS good!

    Have a good week you two! XOXO-K

  2. It sounds like you are doing such an excellent job with packing, selling cars, making hotel reservations…. Remember, during all the craziness of the move to enjoy the few days you will have left in Oki.

    Glenn and I sat on the seawall and watched the sunset, took picutres, and enjoyed the beauty that Oki offered. Oh, and we ate at the noodle place you introduced me to and went out with lots of friends to our favorite eateries… (gaining a few lbs).

    I know that you will be staying with family, but think about putting a few pots and pans in your express shipment. I forgot all about this stuff and, well, we ate out a lot and, yet again, I gained some additional unwanted lbs!

    My good thoughts are going out to you, Pete, and Rocky during this transition!

    Love- S

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