Sunday Salon ~ April 5th (Already?! What?!) 2009

This past week was a tough reading week for me.  I started reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore on my Kindle and I also started reading Sandra Gulland’s Mistress of the Sun for an upcoming review.  Planet Books will also be a stop on Ms. Gulland’s book blog tour on April 29th. 

GracelingGraceling is a young adult fantasy fiction piece that is really enticing and enjoyable so far.  A “Grace”  is a special gift that develops in a select few in the fantasy world of “The Seven Kingdoms” and the main character, Katsa, has the ability to kill people with her bare hands.  She discovered her “Grace” when a cousin tried to have his way with her when she was eight years old.  He winded up dead after a kick to the face from Katsa.  


Mistress of the Sun: A NovelMistress of the Sun is from the author who brought us the Josephine Bonaparte trilogy, Sandra Gulland.  When I received an e-mail from her publicist I was incredibly excited and flattered that Planet Books was asked to be a stop on Ms. Gulland’s book blog tour.  An old friend of mine had gifted the Bonaparte collection to me in 2002 and I really enjoyed the three books.  Gulland’s latest book (to be released in paperback on Tuesday, April 7th) is an imagined telling of the life of Louise de la Valliere, mistress to Louis XIV, France’s Sun King.  So far I’m really enjoying it as well.  Since I am not a fan of reading more than one book at a time I put Graceling on the back burner and have only been reading Mistress of the Sun this weekend but life keeps getting in the way of my reading time. 

We are getting ready to move back to the states after living in Okinawa for the last four years and all the stuff I have to do to prepare for this are keeping me from reading as much as I need to.  Tomorrow I know I will have about an hour of definite reading time while I’m getting an oil change and detail service for Hubby’s car but the calendar is filling up with lunches and get togethers.  So, if I don’t have much to talk about in the coming weeks regarding books, please bear with me.  I will again soon.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ April 5th (Already?! What?!) 2009

  1. Good luck with that move – it’s a bug one! My brother is in Okinawa now also.

    How has your Kindle reading been? Lots of difference from paper and ink or have you become used to it? Always curious to see how people react to the device.

    Hope you find your reading time.

  2. Hi Frances and thanks for stopping by Planet Books. Small world with you having family here in Okinawa for the time being. It’s been a great experience and we are sad to leave after four wonderful years but are excited to get back to the states.
    I really LOVE my Kindle 2! Actually, I have gotten so used to turning pages by hitting buttons, needing only one hand to turn pages and hold the Kindle all at the same time, waiting for the thing to turn on in a few short seconds and using the blessed dictionary function that reading a “plain old” book isn’t quite as much fun. LOL! I really love the dictionary function and find myself wishing that my review book had one installed in it too!

  3. I hadn’t heard of Mistress of the Sun until it arrived in my mailbox this past week. It does sound like it will be good. I look forward to reading your review towards the end of the month.

    I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Enjoy the reading time!

  4. I’m not a part of the blog tour, no. If I’d known about it ahead of time, I might have joined up though. 🙂

    My car desperately needs a bath. I probably should have taken care of that today, but getting back to my book seemed much more enticing.

  5. I always feel a bit scattered when I don’t get my reading in. As a matter of fact, that is how I’m feeling right now 🙂 We went away for the weekend and I didn’t get much in at all (even though I packed the books). As your move date approaches, you will have less time to read but you’ll make up for it once you are settled. Hang in there.

  6. Thanks for the support Ti! Today my life got even busier because I received the three more books I have to review by April 20th!! I am a glutton for punishment.

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