Ready, Set, Move! Part 2

Well, here’s the update folks.  The movers come next Tuesday for the express shipment and Wednesday and Thursday will be the pack out days for the household goods shipment.  Hubby, Rocky and I will move into an off-base hotel that allows pets on Wednesday for our last three weeks on the island.  Now you might be wondering how quickly the “express” shipment will get to Virginia.  A MONTH!  I don’t know why they bother calling it an express shipment.  We are allotted 1000 pounds and no furniture in the express.  Clothes and shoes that aren’t going in suitcases, towels, sewing machine, fabric, stampin’ stuff and whatever else we feel that will safely arrive in that shipment. 

Household goods is EVERYTHING ELSE.  Furniture, computer, kitchen stuff, BOOKS, CD’s, patio furniture, nick-knacks, vases, elliptical machine and everything else we own here.  It’s scary to think that all our stuff is going on a ship across the Pacific Ocean and then on a truck or train across the U.S.  When we moved here we had a missing crate out or seven crates.  It was the most expensive crate all in all and included our bedroom set (but the bed made it), our large T.V., a brand new coffee table, guest bedroom dresser/night stand, Calphalon set, stainless set, cookbooks and numerous other items had disappeared.  Thank goodness our situation was put into perspective when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf and we realized that we really weren’t missing much.  But, I will admit that for our first move with the job, I will worry every time from now on. 

Have you ever moved across the country, around the world or just down the street?  Did things go smoothly or did things go hair-wire?

10 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Move! Part 2

  1. Man I feel your pain. I hate moving. We moved 2 years ago (get this) .8 miles away and it was such a chore! We hired a moving company because we had been in the older house for over 11 years and even though we tossed a lot of stuff out, we had a lot of stuff to move!

    We didn’t know it at the time, but several things never made it to the house even though I was at the new house and my husband was at the old house during this process. There were some items that were damaged too.

    However, as daunting as it is to have your stuff shipped there really is no other way to do it so you get really good insurance and hope for the best. I will be crossing my fingers for you that all goes smoothly.

  2. When I helped pack my mother up for her move to Hawaii, shipping the car had to be THE worst. We had to ship it over a month before her move, so it was all kinds of a pain. The shipping company was extremely professional about the entire thing, but the whole thing just really felt like a pain. We won’t talk about the boxes.

    I sure feel for you!!! I’m sending you all sorts of best wishes that everything ships just fine and nothing gets lost or broken. 🙂 Best of luck and energy to you.

  3. i can’t imagine packing for a move of this magnitude!!! i would hire someone. or a team of someones! lol. i moved from a condo to my house 9 years ago and moving again is something we plan on doing, but i’m not relishing the PACKING. good luck–i hope everything arrives safely.

  4. I have done a lot of moving and I am now preparing to move again. With all my moves, I had one process that did not go very well. I lost two boxes, but the insurance company covered the costs. I would have rather had my stuff, but I appreciated their willingness to replace the items. The move I am getting ready for now is going to be my hardest because I am determined to only move what can fit into my car. I wish you all the best with your move and hooray for starting a new phase of life!

  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments and support. It does help. I forgot to mention that the household goods shipment will take about two months to arrive in Virginia. Beastmomma had asked a couple of months ago about the packing thing. We don’t have to pack anything. A team of five to seven Japanese/Okinawan guys will come in and wrap and pack EVERYTHING. That does make things a hell of a lot easier but not less stressfull. We do have fabulous insurance and when we had the missing crate we were reimbursed for everything. It just took six months to get the money and replace it all.

  6. Good luck with your move! When we moved from Vegas to New York it was a disaster. They were weeks and weeks late. Our boxes had water damage, our TV stand was cracked, many of our boxes were no longer in their original boxes because they were so demolished. My poor books were just tossed in haphazardly. From now on we are doing UHaul 🙂 However, all growing up we moved a bunch and never had a problem.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Hubby works for the federal govt which has its perks when it comes to moving. Those movers kicked major ass and now it’s just a waiting game whether or not our crates show up when scheduled in Virginia and having bought a house in time for them to be delivered, though we can have them held if we need more time.
      *Glad you liked the pic of my Gordon’s Fisherman. Hubby and I always get a hankerin’ for fish sticks when we put that on him. But I’ll tell you, when it is raining that dog won’t go outside without his yellow rain slicker on. Too Funny!

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