Sunday Salon ~ April 19th, 2009

This weekend the reading had to fall to the wayside with our pack-out this week but inventorying our books was a priority.  (I hope to participate in the next Dewey Readathon though.)  Hardcovers, trade paperbacks, mass market paperbacks, cookbooks, graphic novels, piano music books and craft books.  Of course the majority of the books we own are fiction and non-fiction so keep that in mind when I tell you that in our house in Okinawa (not counting what is waiting for us in our storage crates when they arrive in Virginia from Memphis, TN later this summer) we have 480 books.  WOW!!!!  480! 

Have you ever inventoried all of your books?  How many do you have or how many do you think you might have?  Be them purchased, won or ARC’s, is it close to 500 like us or is it even more? 

{Side Note:  We also inventoried our DVD’s and video games.  DVD’s (not counting discs within box sets and TV show seasons) came to 285.  Our video games, spread out over Wii, PS3, PS2 and XBOX totaled 65.}