Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 3

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  Our stuff is GONE!!!  So, we scheduled our pack out over three days.  Tuesday was the express pack out.  1000 lbs took thirty minutes to wrap and box up and thirty minutes to figure out which way to get it into the crates.  Tuesday and Thursday were for the house hold goods pack out.  Well my friends… the Japanese are AMAZING at pack outs.  It took eight men, six hours and nine and a half crates to wrap and pack up the remaining 9000 lbs (approximately) of our stuff!  WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF FOLKS!!  It is crazy that our things, and I know they are just things, are getting ready to set sail on their trans-Pacific cruise and cross-country road trip to Virginia. 

Now we are in the Hamagawa Lodge off base for two and a half weeks and then we are outta here.  Unfortunately the hotel has a terrible Internet connection and when it did work it turned out to be insecure and my address book was hacked and everyone was spammed by some Chinese outfit.  (Sorry if you received that!)  So on that note, I am currently using a computer at Hubby’s office and will be using this periodically as well has generous friends Internet until we leave.  Till next time, have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 3

  1. Thanks Ti! The hack job deleted my whole contact list too. SON OF A BITCH!!!!

    Hi Nat! Yeah, the Japanese rock the moving and a packin’ thing for sure. I’m worried about the dumb assess they’ll send to unpack us. *worried sigh*

    Hey Beastmomma! Your count down is under way and we are sooo looking forward to your wedding! Good luck with all of your upcoming adventures!

    Hey LR! It is a lot. A lot of furniture!! I love furniture. Plus we have four sets of plates and tons of kitchen electrics and pots and pans. We are total FOODIES! Maybe we’ll talk books one day and you can see it all?! Have a great week!

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