Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 5

We are here!  We have been back in the DC area for almost a week already and a lot has happened.  We have phones, I have a brand new red Ford Escape and we may have chosen our new house already.  We will have to wait till August to move in if all goes well since the house will have to be built so we will stay with my in-law’s. 

Red 025

Of course you can understand that I haven’t done a lick of reading since we landed with all the things going on.  Hopefully next week with Hubby starting his new gig I will find the time to get back to reading.  I have a few books waiting to be read for review as well. 

I am looking forward to being a tourist in my home town this summer.  With so many great things to do around here it will be a busy summer which will be a good thing.  What have you been up to?  Any big plans for the upcoming Memorial Weekend?  We hope to catch a movie or two.  Yesterday we saw Star Trek and damn was it good.  Beautiful cinematography as well as a gorgeous cast.  The story was clever, grasping and interesting.  Do you have a movie to recommend?

Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 4

I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is almost here and today is quickly coming to an end.  It has been our last full day in Okinawa and it went so fast.  All of a sudden it is 9:30 pm and my packing is pretty much done until I finish getting ready in the morning and have to pack the hair dryer and flat iron.  Hubby is packing as I type this and Rocky is suspicious and seems antsy. 

The last three weeks in the Hamagawa Lodge have flown buy.  We have been so busy with final lunches and dinners at our favorite restaurants, going away parties, birthday parties, an office picnic, my last pedicure and nail art appointment at Cocok’s Salon *sigh*, a surprise retirement party for one of Hubby’s co-workers and of course our last night at the Butler Officer’s Club for karaoke. 

Thanks to the crappy T.V. reception and poor show choices I have had the chance to get some reading done.  I finished Marisa de los Santos’ Belong To Me and absolutely LOVED it.  I will be posting my gushing review after we return to the States.  I will also be hosting Marisa and her guest post as well as running a giveaway contest for the book later this month. 

I’m back to reading on the Kindle 2.0 for the flight and really enjoying it after all the hubbub about the new Kindle DX last week.  I love my “smaller” Kindle and started reading Three Cups of Teaon it the other day.  Besides having my Kindle with me for the flight we have the Nintendo DS Lite and a few games, iPods, Sudoku books and laptops to watch DVD’s.  The twelve hour flight from Tokyo to DC should be bearable with all that entertainment plus the in-flight movies.  Too bad poor Rocky can’t even have a toy in his kennell with him in the baggage compartment.  Part of me hopes he’ll have another animal to talk with down there but then I hope that he is alone and will just sleep most of the time.  He knows something is up and has been overly affectionate today. 

So, this is my last post from Okinawa.  Tomorrow I will be a Washingtonian again (though I’m always one since I grew up there) and will start a new chapter.  Don’t worry, you’ll read all about it here.  See ya on the flip side!!

And The Winner of MISTRESS OF THE SUN Is…


Congratulations and thank you so much for entering in this giveaway!!  To all of the other entrants, thank you so much as well for joining me here at Planet Books and entering as well.  I’m sorry you didn’t win but please keep checking back as I will be hosting giveaways throughout the summer. 

(I used’s List Randomizer option to get the winner.)

Mistress of the Sun

Please Be Patient

I know I am late with figuring out the winner for the MISTRESS OF THE SUN giveaway.  I’m sorry!  Our Internet just came back on this morning for the first time in twenty hours or so.  I will hopefully get you the winning name this afternoon after Rocky’s final Okinawa vet visit and an office function for my husband.  Keep your fingers crossed that the Internet will stay up for the rest of our four day stay here.

Thank You!!

Too Soon?

This morning I logged on to the Internet and everywhere I looked there was a story about Amazon’s new Kindle DX, a larger version of the Kindle 2.0.  Now those of you who are regular readers of Planet Books know that I have a Kindle 2.0 and that I LOVE it.  Sometimes I feel that I am missing out on something when a newer version becomes available but in this case I am perfectly happy and content with my “smaller” Kindle.  This latest version of the Kindle is HUGE.  At least it appears that way when I look at the pics available on Amazon and various news sites.  kindle1Now my question is, “Why didn’t they release these two versions at the same time?”  I believe the DX’s height and width is larger than a typical hardcover book which doesn’t appeal to me because I like to carry my Kindle 2.0 in my purse and that is easy with the smaller size.  I am gathering that the main purpose for the larger screen on the DX is to read newspapers, magazines and textbooks; anything with pictures really that will translate more clearly and easily on a larger screen. 

The word is that Amazon is pairing with a number of universities around the country in a pilot program and these schools will provide their students with the Kindle DX.  If textbooks are published electronically than the use of the standard textbook would become obsolete.  I think this is a great idea, especially for those with back-breaking textbooks that weigh their bags down (like my sisters had in high school) and it may decrease the price of textbooks. 

If you have a Kindle what do you think about the piggy back release of the Kindle DX just three months after the 2.0 came out?  If you are in the market for a Kindle which one will you buy?  If you don’t want to enter the e-Reader age, what do think, if anything, about the Kindle and other e-Readers? 

The Kindle 2.0 is $359, holds over 1500 books, has a 6″ diagonal screen and measures 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″.  The Kindle DX is $489, holds up to 3500 books, has a 9.7″ diagonal screen and measures 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″.

Guest Post & Giveaway ~ Best Intentions by Emily Listfield

I would love to welcome Emily Listfield to Planet Books and congratulate her on the release of her brand new novel, Best Intentions, available in stores Tuesday, May 5th.  Emily has written a guest post for Planet Books’ readers and shares some insight into what is happening in Best Intentions.  She also asks a pretty interesting question so read on to find out and enter to win a copy of Best Intentions


What would you do if you if these clues began to pile up?

Emily ListfieldIn Best Intentions, the narrator, Lisa, has been married to Sam for fifteen years. They  met in a college and now, both 39, they have two daughters they love dearly.  But their marriage is going through a down period. “Sam has seemed restive for reasons I can’t quite place,” Lisa says.  “It has grown  contagious, a malaise that has metastasized between us into a desultory low-level dissatisfaction, nothing I can touch, nothing worthy of accusation or argument, and yet.”  Slowly she begins so suspect he is having affair.  Here are the clues:
1.  Sam tells Lisa he will be working late but she when she listens to a message on his cell phone, she hears a woman’s voice, soft and intimate, saying, “I’m going to be a little late tonight.  Can we make it six-thirty? Same place.”
2.  Later that same night, she hears him whispering into the phone:  “I just couldn’t do it.  Not tonight.”
3. Sam, a business journalist, tells Lisa he is going to Chicago to interview a source for a story.  But when Lisa calls his office, she finds out the story was killed weeks ago.
4.  When Lisa confronts Sam and asks if he is having an affair, he denies it.  In fact, he has a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything. 
5.  But then Lisa discovers photographs of Sam with another woman (you’ll have to read the book to find out who) and suddenly it seems like a game change.

So here’s the question:  Lisa loves Sam and they have two young children she wants to protect. She’s known him most of her life – and he’s never lied to her before.   She doesn’t have absolute proof and she’s worried that if she confronts him she will lose everything. And yet….   What would you do?  Weigh in.  But while you’re thinking up your answer, ask yourself this, too:  How well do you really know the people you love?


Emily Listfield and her publisher, Atria, is providing a copy of Best Intentions for a giveaway here at Planet Books.  To enter to win, weigh in on Emily’s question, “Lisa loves Sam and they have two young children she wants to protect. She’s known him most of her life – and he’s never lied to her before.   She doesn’t have absolute proof and she’s worried that if she confronts him she will lose everything. And yet….   What would you do?  Weigh in.  But while you’re thinking up your answer, ask yourself this, too:  How well do you really know the people you love?”  The giveaway will commence on Sunday, May 10th at Midnight EST.

Sunday Salon ~ May 3rd, 2009

Hotels, limbo and waiting.  They all suck when combined like they are for us.  We are staying in a hotel while waiting in limbo to fly back to the states in a little over a week from now.  I have been doing a lot of reading, both of review books and book blogs, watching CNN out of Hong Kong, renting The Tudors Season 2 as well as The Other Boleyn Girl and eating out for almost every meal.  (I feel very full.) 

I read/reviewed/posted an author Q&A and am hosting a giveaway (enter by Wednesday, May 6th @ Midnight EST HERE) of Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland and am now reading Belong To Me by Marisa De los Santos for review.  I enjoyed Mistress of the Sun and am finding that Belong To Me is just fabulous. 

Of course I am spending too much time browsing the Internet while in the hotel.  Rocky sometimes gets jealous that I pay so much attention to the one eyed monster and brings over a toy to play or lays in my lap to distract me.  I just searched author events in the DC area and am  excited about what I found.  If you live in the DC Metro area there are some awesome author events coming up. 

The following authors will be reading and signing their new books at the Baileys Crossroads Borders:

~ Michael Connelly on May 26th @ 7:30 pm
~ George Pelecanos on June 3rd @ 7:30 pm
~ Jeffrey Deaver on June 22nd @ 7:30 pm
~ David Sedaris on June 26th @ 7:30 pm

Emeril Lagasse will be at the Tyson’s Corner Borders on June 6th @ 2 pm for a signing event, and the event I might just be the most excited about is Annie Barrows, co-author of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society, will be at the Tyson’s Corner Barnes & Noble on June 10th @ 7 pm. 

I am also looking forward to taking some cooking classes at the Sur La Table store at Pentagon Row and learning some new recipes and techniques.  We are also planning on attending a few concerts at Nissan Pavilion and Wolf Trap.   It will be a busy, fun filled and exciting summer and I am ready to dive in with both feet.  What are you looking forward to doing this summer? 


Friday Finds ~ Weekend of May 1st, 2009

Friday Finds is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  While browsing book blogs,, Washington, and various other places on the Internet, these are the books that made it to my wish list this week.




The Seamstress by Frances de Pontes Peebles
Columbine by Dave Cullen
Not Becoming My Mother: and Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way by Ruth Reichl
The Foreigner by Francie Lin
A Novel of the Titanic (Distant Waves) by Suzanne Weyn
The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
Hello Cupcake!: Irresistibly Playful Creations Anyone Can Make by Alan Richardson and Karen Tack