Too Soon?

This morning I logged on to the Internet and everywhere I looked there was a story about Amazon’s new Kindle DX, a larger version of the Kindle 2.0.  Now those of you who are regular readers of Planet Books know that I have a Kindle 2.0 and that I LOVE it.  Sometimes I feel that I am missing out on something when a newer version becomes available but in this case I am perfectly happy and content with my “smaller” Kindle.  This latest version of the Kindle is HUGE.  At least it appears that way when I look at the pics available on Amazon and various news sites.  kindle1Now my question is, “Why didn’t they release these two versions at the same time?”  I believe the DX’s height and width is larger than a typical hardcover book which doesn’t appeal to me because I like to carry my Kindle 2.0 in my purse and that is easy with the smaller size.  I am gathering that the main purpose for the larger screen on the DX is to read newspapers, magazines and textbooks; anything with pictures really that will translate more clearly and easily on a larger screen. 

The word is that Amazon is pairing with a number of universities around the country in a pilot program and these schools will provide their students with the Kindle DX.  If textbooks are published electronically than the use of the standard textbook would become obsolete.  I think this is a great idea, especially for those with back-breaking textbooks that weigh their bags down (like my sisters had in high school) and it may decrease the price of textbooks. 

If you have a Kindle what do you think about the piggy back release of the Kindle DX just three months after the 2.0 came out?  If you are in the market for a Kindle which one will you buy?  If you don’t want to enter the e-Reader age, what do think, if anything, about the Kindle and other e-Readers? 

The Kindle 2.0 is $359, holds over 1500 books, has a 6″ diagonal screen and measures 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″.  The Kindle DX is $489, holds up to 3500 books, has a 9.7″ diagonal screen and measures 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″.

8 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. I have Kindle-envy, so I can’t chime in as a Kindle owner. But I would imagine if you bought at 2.0 a couple months ago, it would be annoying that so soon after your version is already passe.

  2. This stuff drives me crazy. It’s like the iPhone and iPod, You get one and then a couple of months later a new version comes out that always addresses bugs from the previous model. I HATE that!

    I just saw the DX today on Amazon and it does look huge, but I can see the advantage if someone is viewing a textbook or something but students usually need to mark-up their books, can you do that with a Kindle? The cost is not student friendly either.

    1. You are able to make notes in any palce within the text that you want, bookmark and then view it all in a very easy screen display. It’s great and I use the function to make review notes as I read books on the Kindle and it makes it nice and neat and I don’t have to carry paper and pen around when reading out and about.

  3. While I’m not a Kindle fan, I do think that they are ideal for students and textbooks instead of having to lug huge textbooks around. My only problem, aside from the aesthetics of a hand held book, is that I tend to skim more when reading on the computer or electronically. I can’t help it. I don’t do that with a physical book. Weird.

    1. When reading on the Kindle I really forget that I’m reading on the Kindle. I found myself trying to turn the page the old fashioned way when I first got it but am now used to turning pages forward and backwards with the side buttons. The screen is also not back lit like a computer screen or phone. It really looks like paper!

  4. Having them release one and then the other like this just makes me want a Sony Reader. It seems sort of like when movies are released first individually, then a year later as a box set with a special director’s edition or something. There should be more than 3 months (at LEAST a year) between releases of similar products by the same company, unless news of the second release is available at the time of the first release.

    1. Hey Steph! Hubby got me my Kindle for my birthday. It does make a great gift, especially when you think of all the space and paper/trees you will save. I hope you get one! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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