That’s Mrs. Beastmomma To You!

This past weekend Hubby and I had the great honor of attending a slew of lovely and gorgeous Indian wedding festivities.  The bride was blogger Beastmomma who has been my little sister’s best friend for the last sixteen years.  Congratulations Mrs. Beastmomma and thank you so much for sharing your and PTB’s (Partner-To-Be; what will you call him now?) wedding weekend with us!

Jaspreet's Wedding 006

5 thoughts on “That’s Mrs. Beastmomma To You!

  1. I totally want us to renew our vows in Vegas too one day! Hubby loves Elvis and at our reception we entered the ball room to “Burning Love.” It was AWESOME!!

  2. Beastmomma and I have become friends thru our blogging and I’m so happy/jealous that you were able to be there to see her and PTB tie the knot! She is such a lovely person and I wish her nothing but the best! That is a great picture!! Thank you for sharing it, Karen!

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