A Night Out With A Funny Lady

Best Friends Forever

 Yup!  That’s New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner.  And yup, that’s me with her!  Last Thursday evening Jennifer’s Best Friends Forever book tour brought her to the DC area and I made sure I was there.  About one hundred fans  gathered at the Bailey’s Crossroads Borders in Northern Virginia to meet, listen to and get their books signed by Jennifer and she really delivered the laughs.  I hadn’t laughed that hard in a while.

Jennifer Weiner is in the middle of her cross country book tour but because she is only one person, she isn’t making it to every town full of her die hard fans.  Because of that I have two videos posted below of Jennifer.  The first is an interview with her discussing her new book Best Friends Forever and the second is a reading from the book.  If you go to YouTube and search “Jennifer Weiner Best Friends Forever” you will find even more videos of Jennifer reading excerpts from her new book.  

Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner & Karen

9 thoughts on “A Night Out With A Funny Lady

  1. oh my gosh, so cool! i can’t watch videos at work, but i definitely will when i get home. i was so caught up in RWA madness that i was sorry to miss Ms. Weiner’s visit, but glad you were able to go!

    1. Hey Nat! We are getting through the summer pretty quickly. That’s a good think because at the end of the summer our new construction house will be complete and we can get all our household good crates delivered and set up our new home. WOO HOO!!!

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