It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated, Right?


Earlier this week I received an e-mail from BBAW (Book Blogging Awareness Week) and learned that Planet Books was nominated for the MOST CHATTY award!  How excited am I?!  Extremely!  (There’s a lot of exclamation points going on here aren’t there.)  Turns out that the MOST CHATTY award represents the following:  “This blogger has a very ‘chatty’ style.  You feel like you could be sitting together, sipping wine, and chatting about life.”  How friggin’ COOL is that!?! 

Well, after being nominated (thank you SOOOOO MUCH to those of you who thought my blog was worthy of this awesome nod) I had to submit five posts that would represent the “chattiness” of my blog.  That was VERY HARD to do people!  I thought about going back to the beginning of Planet Books but my writing wasn’t as strong and conversational as it has developed into over the last two years.  (Side note: I can’t believe that Planet Books has been going here on WordPress for almost two years!!!)  I decided to stick with posts from this year and submitted a couple of book reviews as well as Sunday Salon posts and the random babbling post. 

We’ll see what happens but I’m curious about who else got nominated for BBAW awards and in what categories.  Are you one of those nominated bloggers out there?  If you are, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

10 thoughts on “It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated, Right?

  1. Congrats! I knew I was in good company. I share the Chatty nod and am trying to figure out which posts to submit. It is very hard!

  2. Wahooo, kudos to you missy! Someone nominated me for best romance book blog, i could barely believe it! The BBAW is such a great idea, I so appreciate the folks who got it together!

  3. Congrats!!!! What a surprise chatty???? Who would have thunk it???? Just kidding!!! You have created such a great blog with a great gal writing it!!!!!!

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