OMG! Where DID the time go?

I suck.  I mean, I read all of your blogs when I get a chance but I have neglected Planet Books so badly that I feel guilty about it but still haven’t found myself inspired enough to post anything.  Well today that inspiration finally hit me.  My new and dear friend “LibraryLove” and one of her best friends, “Fa-book-ulous” have started a new blog called Year of the Bookworms 2010.  I met these two exciting and interesting book lovers at Jennifer Weiner’s book signing event over the summer and am so glad I did.  Their blog will focus on the personal challenge they have made for themselves, to read 52 books in 2010.  That’s a book a week! 

Well, for those of you who used to read my posts here at Planet Books before I seemingly fell off the blogging earth, I had challenged myself to read thirty-four books this year.  Last year I read the thirty-three books I had challenged myself to read for each year I had lived but this year I won’t be hitting that number.  I’ve only read seventeen books so far this year and though it is a lot when you think about it, it isn’t thirty-four books.  I will probably read another two or three before the end of 2009 but that will only put me at nineteen or twenty books instead of thirty-four.  Next year is 2010 and I will turn thirty-five on the first day of it.  Once again I will challenge myself to read thirty-five books to match my birthday number.  I welcome the challenge and though I won’t hit my number this year, I hope to have success again in 2010. 

What about you?  Did you make a reading challenge for yourself or with your friends this year?  Are feeling good about hitting your goal come New Years Eve or are you feeling down like me about not coming close to your set number?  No matter what your reading challenge may or may not be for 2009 or the upcoming 2010, be sure to keep reading.  It’s what makes us bookworms.  It connects us!

13 thoughts on “OMG! Where DID the time go?

  1. Karen, thanks so much for the shout out! I love the new look and feel of your blog, so perfect to match your gorgeous backyard with all the fall foliage. I think it is totally reasonable that you weren’t able to keep up with blogging or reading as much now that you’re a) not on a small island in the middle of the pacific, and b) that you now are homeowners and your hubster is busy keeping bad guys off the streets! I’m sure in 2010, you will have other distractions, but that’s why we consider these kinds of personal challenges just that– a challenge! If it were easy, it wouldn’t feel so rewarding knowing you’re making sacrifices to get to your goal. Either way, whether you make it or not, I still think you’re the cat’s pajamas! xoxo, LibraryLove

    1. Hello LLove! Thank you and you are welcome! I was inspired to freshen things up when I read your blog so I went with this theme. I’ve used it before but this time I inserted a pic of our back yard trees. XOXO

  2. Wow, thanks for the intro! I’m a little intimidated now because I thought you were reading so many more than us…so now I wonder if you didn’t get to 34 how the heck I will get to 52…HAHAHA That’s why they call it a challenge, I suppose 😉 But I bet we can stick to our goals in 2010!!!! We’ll be “bookin’ it” Oh, the humor is amazing…

  3. Hey Karen, LOVE the look of your blog!

    And I know what you mean. All day today and yesterday when I would think of posting I was like, “Meh.”

    Can’t wait to see how your challenge unfolds!

  4. I, too, love the new blog layout. Also, I wanted to say that I missed you and was glad to see a post. As for reading challenges, I try to participate in at least two. They are pretty hard to meet. Although since moving to Natick and taking the train into Boston, my reading has increased much more than when I was in Seattle and consumed with law school.

  5. Also, HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY!! Please thank Hubby for all the hard work he and his colleagues do to keep us safe. Thank you for being a good partner to him to make it possible!!

    1. Thanks (but he’s not military) but his bro is in the Army and is “over there” right now. So many of my friends are in the Marine Corps though and they all awesome and loved for their service. XOXO

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