I Want To Be Blue Too!

Poster Avatar James Cameron by Cine Fanatico.

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted about a movie but Avatar isn’t just any movie.  Avatar is as magical and amazing in 2010 as The Wizard of Oz must have been in 1939.  The brilliant colors, incredible characters and new world never seen before make the world of Pandora in Avatar rival The Merry Ole’ Land of Oz in my mind.  I tend to watch movies with a childs eye and I’m not even trying.  Hubby often reminds me that with a lot of films it’s silly for me to get scared or full of anxiety because I’ve already seen them but I really can’t help it.  The husband of the couple we saw Avatar with on Saturday night said I kept physically moving when the fight and flight scenes were on the screen.  Now also keep in mind that Avatar is watched while wearing very cool, Ray Ban-esque 3D glasses and though the objects on the screen don’t seem to jump out and fly over your shoulder, the effect does make you feel like you are moving and makes everything that much more amazing.  Hubby said he wished that the glasses didn’t have frames and were more like a goggle frame so he wasn’t distracted. 

The story of Avatar is simple but complicated by the science fiction details.  I am not going to go into details because I really believe that everyone should see this film.  I will tell you that I cried throughout the film.  I cried because the film was so beautiful.  I cried because of very touching moments between characters.  I cried because of where the storyline went.  I wish that Pandora was a real place and I will hope with all my heart that James Cameron hurries up and makes a sequel.  I also can’t wait for Avatar to be released on BluRay because there is a reported forty minutes of usable film that didn’t make it to theaters. 

Sigorney Weaver is probably my favorite of the actors but everyone is extremely good and help to make the world of Pandora a believable and amazing world.  The transformation from human to Na’vi is brilliant and I want to do it too.  I can’t get this movie out of my head and that hasn’t happened in a long time.  It was reported that Zoe Saldana had a very difficult time leaving the filming and the world of Pandora behind.  I would probably feel the same way even though all the filming was done while wearing body suits and motion sensors while in Howard Hughes’ old airplane hangar that housed the Spruce Goose.   

If you are worried about getting a headache from wearing and looking through the 3D glasses, just give in to it.  I felt the motion when the film started and slightly freaked out in my head because it kind of scared me but I reminded myself that Oprah went to the movies with Stedman to see Avatar with the glasses (and they hadn’t been to a movie theater to see a flick since Dances With Wolves) and if she survived the three hours than I could too.  I’m so so so glad I did because it is simply marvelous!

{Rating 100 out of 5!}