Expanding Horizons

Because I don’t read enough book blogs on a weekly basis (yeah right) I am interested in discovering some book blogs I may have overlooked.  Maybe your blog doesn’t come up in the usual Google search or you are new to the book blogging universe.  I would love for you to ‘introduce yourself’ here in the comment section for this post and link back to your own blog(s).  Planet Books averages 100 hits a day (which may not be much for some of you but I am happy to have them) so you could get some new traffic too from those people who don’t know about your blog either. 

I love reading your blogs and though I fell off the blogging and commenting wagon for a while there last summer and fall, I’m hungry for more and love to discover your recommendations for what to read.  Below are a few of the book blogs that I frequent.  On the right of the screen under “Friends of Planet Books” you can find more links too.

Year of the Bookworms 2010
Books on the Brain
Stephanie’s Written Word
The Literate Housewife Review
Life & Times of a “New” New Yorker aka NYC Book Girl
Thoughts of a Lusty Reader
Lit & Life
Book, Line, and Sinker
Nonsuch Book
The 3 R’s Blog/Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness
A Striped Armchair
Books in the City
Hey Lady!  Whatch Readin’?

14 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons

  1. I agree completely and absolutely LOVE getting book recommendations from friends. It’s like the addiction of the Amazon.com’s recommendation section. One book opens the door to an entirely new universe, leading one down a VERY different and wonderful path. Case and point: Reading The Help for our bookclub, led me down a historical fiction path and that train is moving full steam ahead. I also am about to finish Kabul Beauty School which I’m devouring. I absolutely love learning about new cultures, and times/places I previously knew nothing about. It nothing else, it makes you more interesting at cocktail parties when someone asks “have you read any good books lately”…!

    Xoxo, LibraryLove

  2. Thanks for including my blog in your list of “friends” – I know almost all of them, and am honored to be in their company! And I’m glad you’re back on the wagon – missed you!

  3. I am so proud to be listed here! Thank you so much! I always love getting comments from you and I can so appreciate not having the time to read blogs and leave comments. I have a hard time keeping up with everything myself. I wish I didn’t have a job. LOL!

    1. Hello fellow Virginian!! I don’t have a job right now and still don’t have enough time to get it all read! LOL! I really love your blog and love to see what you have to say on books out there. Because of your review, I’ll be reading The Reliable Wife much sooner than later.

  4. I am so honored to be included in this group and to know that you read and enjoy my blog – thank you for including me here!

    I am new to book blogging but enjoying it immensely and meeting other great bloggers and being part of this community is the best part!

  5. Hi there! Just came across your blog recently and well, thought I’d join in and introduce myself. I am a Canadian who blogs at The Indextrious Reader — I also have the problem of not being able to keep up with my reading list, especially since I work in a library, which is dangerous to book lovers. However, reading other blogs and getting new recommendations is still a thrill no matter how long the current list is. Glad to find you.

  6. Hi. I’ve been looking around for book blogs and came across your great site. I’m excited to see a list of similar blogs here and will spend some time getting to know them too. I started my book blog a couple of months ago because 1. I’m a bookaholic and 2. I felt an intense and immediate need to write. I’m having far more fun than is reasonable writing about the books I read. I don’t do book “reviews” as such; I don’t feel qualified for that. I just share my reactions to and thoughts about the books I’m reading. I’ve experienced the thrill of people leaving comments and even signing up as followers. I have always been a reader, but with the blog I feel connected to the world of books in a way I never have before. It feels like coming home.

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