Book Giveaway ~ Garth Stein’s Raven Stole The Moon

I am soooo excited to have the opportunity to host this giveaway!!  Thanks go to Sarah Daily at Terra Communications for offering up a copy of Garth Stein’s reissue, Raven Stole The Moon.  Sarah does ask that the contest be limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada.  I sure hope the person who wins this book loves it as much as I did!  The story is really great and unexpected. 

I want to make this contest a little challenging so when you leave your e-mail address in the comment section of this post also let me know what your favorite myth or folk lore legend is.  Raven Stole The Moon is centered around a Tlingit Tribe spirit, the Kushtaka myth.  One of my favorite stories from American folklore is the Legend of Sleepy Hallow and the Headless Horseman.  So, share with us your favorite story and leave your e-mail address with it in the comment section of this post by Friday, March 19th at Midnight EST to win Raven Stole The Moon.  Good Luck, Happy Reading & Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

3 thoughts on “Book Giveaway ~ Garth Stein’s Raven Stole The Moon

  1. My favorite fable/folklore is the story of Moonpath. InMrs. Scarborough’s 6th grade class project for oral communications, we each had to memorize a piece of folklore and ‘perform it’ in front of the class. Mine received an award, a standing ovation from the class, and Mrs. Scarborough’s tear. I had the class lights all turned off for effect. I thought my use of the flashlight on the blank projection screen, in simulation of a moon’s path was cheesy, but clearly everyone liked it! Who would have thunk it?

    Here it is, and Karen, thanks for reminding of one of my most treasured moments from childhood.
    It gave me confidence in public speaking and I am forever grateful. I will never forget how amazing I felt that day.

    The Story of Moonpath:
    When you look out across the water at night, after the sun has set and the moon has risen high enough to become bright, then you see a long, glimmering moon-path reaching away into the distance. There it lies, stretching from the moon to the earth, and from the earth to the moon, as bright as silver and gold, and as straight and smooth as a turnpike road.

    There is nothing in all the world that was not made for a reason and for some use — not even the moon-path — but always you must find for yourself the use of a thing and why it was made.

    So it is with the moon-path as with everything else. Thousands and thousands of people have seen that long, level stretch of brightness, and have looked out at it, and have thought it was beautiful, but there are very, very few who have ever really found out what is its use.

    It looks like a path, and that is what it really is, for if you know how to do so, you may walk upon it just as easily as you may walk upon a barn floor. All you need to do is to make a beginning, and there you are. After that it is smooth enough walking, and you may skip and play and romp as you choose. Then you may come and go whenever you have a mind to, and if you will take my word for it, it is the most beautiful and wonderful road that a body can travel betwixt here and the land that so few folk ever go to and come back again.

    For the moon-path leads straight to the moon. That was why it was built — that a body might go from the brown earth to the moon, and maybe back again.

    Moonpath Children in this Place,
    Together Weave our Sacred Space,
    Mirth and Magic Call us Here,
    Joined in Love, We Banish Fear.

    Light this Candle, Burn it Bright, Push now Back the Walls of Night.
    The Flame Inside Us, Set to Glow, Fan it Fast, and Watch it Grow.
    We Meet Together, Once each Week, Answers, Questions, Friends, we Seek,
    Life and Meaning; Frown and Grin, What We Seek is Found Within.
    (in Portuguese)

    Ps- I would really love to win this because a) I swapped my out of print edition on PBS, andb) I would love for Garth to sign this!! 🙂

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