To finish… or not to finish? That is the question.

I’m 42% into reading The Family Fang by Kevin Wilson and I’m faced with a decision I need to make, and soon.  Do I keep reading, although I don’t feel attached to the story, some of the characters and I feel like I’ve plateaued out, or do I keep going and maybe take another two weeks to get through?  I think I just answered my own question.  I have such a hard time with the guilt I feel when I don’t finish a book I have invested a good chunk of time in, but that’s how I end up falling off the reading wagon.  I have to be more assertive and realistic with myself and just let things go when the time is right.  In this case, the time is here.

The Family FangThe Family Fang had potential!  A story about a brother and sister who were unwillingly, and sometimes willingly, subjected to participate in their parent’s odd public acts of live art as they were growing up.  Then as adults, brought back together with their parents due to times of change and tragedy in their lives.  Their parents angered me every time the story focused on them and their antics.  I did like the way the story moved from present day to the family’s past where the parents had taken their kids to some far off small town to execute their live art events.  Most of these live art events were not art in my opinion but I let the story be told.  The present day story lines were good too, actually.  I just got bored and tired of waiting for something to happen.  I believe something should happen in a book earlier than 42% in.

So, with that all said, I don’t think The Family Fang is a bad book.  I think it is a good story full of good ideas, but I’m looking for something better than that in my reading experiences this year and in years to come.  Is that so wrong?

{Rating ~ 2.75 out of 5}