Bloggers Block

These last couple of weeks I have been suffering from a terrible case of bloggers block and have felt extremely guilty about not posting as often as I have in the past.  I want to provide you, the reader, with witty posts about books or music or whatever comes to mind but for some reason I haven’t been too inspired lately.  It’s funny that bloggers block has inspired me to write this post though.  Ironic!

Well I Googled BLOGGERS BLOCK and do you know that I got a ton of responses to my search?!  Crazy!  It turns out that this condition is suffered from throughout the bloggesphere and I’m not the only one (though it feels like it when I visit your lovely blogs and read your wonderful posts that seem to be posted on a by-the-hour basis.) 

I have admittedly fallen off the meme wagon and should probably start doing BTT (Booking Through Thursday) posts again.  I am consistent with the Sunday Salon posts though, so that’s good.  I figure that I may have too many things on my plate these days and that is causing a lack of drive to write posts, but I really need to get out of this funk. 

What do you do when you hve hit the wall that is known (or is becoming known) as bloggers block?