Books are my second love…. Music is my first!

Many of you may know that my favorite thing in the whole world is MUSIC.  I was born with the gift of singing and have been doing so since I can remember.  I love to discover new and old bands/artists who move me with their music.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to see music played live by the bands/artists that make my world go round.  Though not since living here in Oki.  Karaoke is about it though I have a great friend who plays a killer acoustic guitar and who’s voice kicks major ass. 

Anyway, one of my favorite East Coast bands is TheVeltz Family (formally known as Cecilia, The Band).  I hope they will be playing in the D.C. area over Christmas this year so I can catch them while we are visiting the fam.  Another of my favorite bands, who reside from Richmond, VA and I have seen at least fifteen times from D.C. to Denver is The Pat McGee Band (PMB).  Both bands have a rich acoustic sound to their music but can totally rock it out and make your feet move and your heart sing.  The band that I love with all my heart is of course my beloved Dave Matthews Band  (DMB). 

If you have a favorite local band from where you are from and you would like to share them with us please do so.  I will try to make an effort to review albums as I fall in love with them and share my thoughts with you.