Today’s Favorite Song

The storm has moved on up North towards Mainland Japan.  Okinawa is drenched in sunshine and tickled by soft winds today.  Island living at it’s best!  Driving around with the A/C on and the windows down (I know it’s silly) feels so good and having the iPod blasting through the speakers is perfection.  Today is perfect for the music of Eric Clapton.  I enjoy all of his styles, the rock of Cream and when Clapton plays the blues your heart breaks.  But today I was listening to his 80’s stuff.  Songs like “It’s In The Way That You Use It”, “She’s Waiting” and my favorite, “I’ve Got A Rock N’ Roll Heart”

I have started Jodi Picoult’s NINETEEN MINUTES and am liking it so far.  I find myself being a paranoid reader with this book though.  I keep expecting something terrible to happen or a twist to floor me but so far it’s the violent act that the story centers around as well as character building that fills up the first pages of the book.  I really loved CHANGE OF HEART so we’ll see if I feel the same way about this one. 

I Received My Copy of G&S!!

My husband called me this afternoon to tell me that a book arrived for me in the mail today.  I was so excited because I knew it was “Garlic & Sapphires”.  I told him I would swing by his office on my way to an appointment so I could start it while I was waiting.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I love Ruth Reichl’s writing style and the crazy waitress lady on the airplane from L.A. to NYC was hilarious and scary.  I showed my hubby what Planet Books was reading this month and he flipped through the book and mentioned that there were recipes.  I didn’t know this but I was pleased to find this out.  This will be a fun book and I am so excited it won (though I did not vote for it, but voted for “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry” instead).  If you have already started G&S, please let us know what you think so far. 

On another note, yesterday I picked up the new CD release, “Complete Clapton”.  It’s a two-disc collection of Eric Clapton’s hits with Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & The Dominoes, his solo work and his duet with B.B. King.  It is just AMAZING and I had no idea just how many of Clapton’s songs I just love.  Today I did a lot of driving (and believe it or not there is a ton of traffic on Okinawa) and I got to listen to all 36 tracks and had the best day because of it.  I may be a bit under the weather with a stuffed nose and soar throat but the music was so powerful, it made me feel better.  I will admit that I had no idea that Belinda Carlisle’s song, “I Feel Free” (track number 3 on “Heaven on Earth”) was a Cream cover until this morning.  I have loved that song since 1988 and was tickled that Belinda had chosen to cover that tune.  I used to sing it over and over again in my room in junior high and high school.  When I go home for Christmas this year I am looking forward to picking up the autobiography that compliments this dual disc.  The November issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has an excerpt from Clapton’s new book, “Clapton: The Autobiography”, about the period of time when his son, Conor, fell out of his mother’s rented apartment window and fell to his death 50+ stories down.  The writing, vividness and vulnerability that Clapton’s retelling showed makes me want to know everything about this amazing artist.  (NOTE**Within the last link in this paragraph, offers a video of Clapton regarding this book.)