Social Networking – Do you do it?

I was just listening to a podcast from Small Biz Tech Girl where they were discussing the importance of social networking using such sites as Facebook, MySpace, Linked and numerous others to drive up business for your product.  They also touched on the potential waste of time these sites can be if you get sucked in.  I use Facebook, MySpace, Okinawa Hai! Society and my latest discovery, Blissfully Domestic Living Community to help drive readers to my blog.  I use the e-mail system on Facebook to e-mail all of my ‘friends’ and the Bulletin option on MySpace in the same way.  Okinawa Hai! Society and Blissfully Domestic Living Community allow me to create an event advertising my giveaways and even creating a start and end time for the event.  Add all the e-mails I send to my huge contact list in my personal e-mail account and I have got some big numbers on giveaway opening days. 

If you have a blog and want to drive traffic to it do you use social networking sites to help like I do?  Where do most of your readers find out about your blog in the first place?  Do you think that social networking is a good thing or a waste of time?

Sunday Salon ~ August 24th, 2008

Well it’s almost bedtime for this Sunday Saloner.  I finished another good book this evening.  The Summer of Naked Swim Partiesby Jessica Anya Blau.  A fun yet touching story of a fourteen year-old girl living in 1976 Santa Barbara, CA.  I will be posting my review later this week but for now please feel free to check out Jessica Anya Blau’s guest post titled Motherhood & Celebrity Penises HERE

*Regarding the winners of the Schooled giveaway from last week, I am still waiting for an e-mail from winner Carol Esovski.  If you know her please let her know that author Anisha Lakhani would like to get her signed book off to Carol soon.

Something else I did this weekend was finally give in and create a Facebook page.  I’m still new to how the whole thing works but if you are on Facebook, you can find me under Karen Brandt O’Connor.  Please add me as a friend if you like. 

This week is a busy one on the social calender and I am also starting Kerry Cohen’s Loose Girl.  I am looking forward to seeing what all the talk is about with this book and included with my review will be a guest post from author Kerry Cohen herself. 

This past week the pages of Planet Books have been graced by guest posts from Home Girlauthor Judith Matloff and The Art of Racing in the Rain author Garth Stein.  Check out Judith’s HERE and Garth’s HERE

Got anything cool going on at your blog?  Reading anything that is hard to put down or that makes you want to throw the book out the window of the Empire State Building?  Tell us about it!