Movin’ In

Hello Strangers!  Well, since we last spoke, Hubby, Rocky and I moved into our house and have been busy working (hubby), job searching (me), unpacking, organizing, setting up and getting settled in the new digs.  Things are not moving along as quickly as I had thought they would and that is due to the fact that we are simply exhausted over the whole ordeal. 

Those Who Save UsMy books aren’t completely unpacked but a lot are.  My Kindle is keeping me away from the “real” bookshelves though.  I’ve been reading Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum on my Kindle and though is it very heavy and upsetting, it is really very good.  It’s another novel partially set during WWII Germany.  According to the Kindle I am almost 50% the way through which is pretty good since I am only finding time to read at bedtime. 

Like I mentioned, the house is coming together, slowly but surely.  Tomorrow evening we are having the neighbors on our left over for dinner and I am very excited for a little dinner party.  Here are some pics of the house so far.  The screens in the formal living room were the ones we got at the last furniture auction in Okinawa just three days before our pack out.  The rugs in both the living and dining rooms are from and I just love them.  The furniture in both rooms is all from Macy’s and the comfort level is high, high, high. 

Movin' In 001

Movin' In 008

Movin' In 011

Movin' In 013

Movin' In 020

Movin' In 025