Thank You! And as a Sign of My Appreciation…

If you have been a devoted reader of my book blog, Planet Books, thank you!  If you are new to Planet Books, thank you!  If you are just visiting this book blog for the first time right now, thank you!  Last week Planet Books surpassed 10,000 hits in the mist of BBAW (Book Bloggers Appreciation Week) and to show my appreciation for your readership I would like to offer one lucky winner a $25 gift card to Borders Books Stores.  I wish I could afford to give each of you a gift card but that isn’t realistic on my husbands salary at this point in time.  (Maybe one day!) 

I will run this giveaway like the rest and ask you to leave a comment on this post including your e-mail address.  In order for your comment to be eligible though I would like to ask you to answer one question.  What do you like so much about Planet Books that keeps you coming back?  Is it the book reviews?  The author guest posts?  My occasional feature called “Today’s Favorite Song?”  This giveaway will conclude on Friday, September 25th at Midnight EDT.

I’m just curious to know how Planet Books got to over 10,000 hits in just under a year.  Planet Books’ first post on WordPress was October 1st, 2007.   Thank you again for your patronage and I look forward to a bright future in the world of books and experiencing it with you.