Get your mouth watering with these links

Hey there!  I’m still waiting for my copy of “Garlic & Sapphires” to arrive via the USPS/Military Mail Service so to tide me over till then I came across these sites.  The first one is an INTERVIEW with Ruth Reichl from American University Radio WAMU.  Ruth is now the Editor-In-Chief of Gourmet Magazine. 

The second thing I found is an interview with Ruth on NPR‘s MORNING EDITION from this past summer.  It is an interview of Ruth discussing her favorite food memoirs.  Check it out!

The third site is for GOURMET Magazine.  I came across this RECIPE which has autumn drizzled all over it.  The weather here in Okinawa had started to cool off last week but today we are back up to eighty degrees and lots of humidity.  I hate it!!  I am looking forward to our trip to D.C. for Christmas and freezing my butt off at a Redskins game.  I’m excited about seeing my breath as I go from the car to the mall and having the heat pumping while sitting in traffic on 495 too.  Winters in Okinawa brings temps that dip into the low 60’s but because we are so acclimated to the warm weather here, the low 60’s feel like the low 40’s to me.  I had a scarf wrapped around my neck just last Friday while I went to Starbucks for my hot Chai latte for my drive down to the airport to pick up the hubby.  Earlier last week, on a chilly 70 degree day, I found myself roasting marshmallows on my stove with a fondue fork.  The wonderful aroma mixed with the burning Butter-cream Yankee Candle filled the house with a cozy and warm feeling that I just loved. 

I hope that you are enjoying your copy of “Garlic & Sapphires” and get to take a moment to listen to the interviews linked above and maybe even pick up an issue of Gourmet Magazine and make something delicious for yourself.