All I Want For Christmas Is…

My favorite catalogue that we receive in the mail is from Williams~Sonoma.  Hubby and I pour over it, oohing and ah-hing over the products and drooling over the recipes.  This year I have asked Santa/Hubby for the Filled-Pancake Pan and the Cuisinart 9-Speed Hand Mixer in Brushed Chrome from W~S.  Now I have been interested in getting this pancake pan ever since I first saw it in a catalogue earlier this year.  You can fill those little pancakes with just about anything and I hope to be able to make something delicious with the pan for breakfast on Christmas morning.  The hand mixer will be a nice addition to our lovely kitchen of gadgets.  I love my Kitchen-Aid Artisan stand mixer dearly and it really has become a staple in our kitchen, especially around the holidays.  There are just some recipes that I don’t need to use the stand mixer for and have wished I had a hand mixer in the moment. 

When I was home last month, I found myself in many a mall.  Be it Tyson’s Corner Mall or White Flint Mall, I made my way into the Williams~Sonoma store to look at all the items I wish for in the catalogue but can actually touch in the store.  If you were ever feeling generous and were looking for a Christmas present or birthday present (January 1st!) for me, I would gladly accept a gift card from W~S.  😉

What catalogue or store do you find yourself excited by, besides bookstores?  Are you a quilt store/fabric store junkie, a kitchen supply store junky (W~S or Sur La Table), or what?