Today’s Favorite Song

AFN (Armed Forces Network) just aired NBC’s Live @ Rockefeller Center Special this evening.  My favorite performance was by Beyonce as she sang a rendition, with added parts it seemed, of Ave Maria.  As I was listening the song rang a memory bell in my head.  Parts of the song sounded a lot like a Madonna tune from her Like a Prayer album.  It was a beautiful song and tribute to her mother called Promise To Try.  Now I don’t know if you will hear the similarities too but luckily YouTube had both songs available.  Let me know what you think!

Book Settings ~ The Most Popular Cities

I’ve noticed that a large majority of of the books I’ve read this year and books on my TBR/ARC shelves take place in New York City.  That’s ten books total.  Bachelor Degree, Between Here & April, Schooled, What Happened to Anna K., The Last Summer of You & Me, Sail, Matrimony, The Great Man, Garlic & Sapphires, The New Yorkers, Free Food For Millionaires.  I love NYC and after reading all these books and the few I still have to read, I am ready for a shopping/dining/tourist trip to The Big Apple.  I guess New York City isn’t just major inspiration for songwriters and movie sets.

Have you noticed a repeated pattern in the settings of your recent reads?  Does reading about a place over and over again in one or more books make you want to go there?  If you did go or would go, where would it be to?

Music Video ~ I Love New York ~ Madonna

Today’s Favorite Song

Last night I was talking with my friend Juli on the phone and she mentioned the mix cd’s I had given her for her birthday last year.  She told me that all day she had played Madonna’s “Ray of Light” over and over again.  This song has a great beat, cool lyrics and a melody that stays with you throughout the day.  It’s full of hope and happiness and always makes me move and smile.

Now for those of you who know me, I LOVE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!  I have been in love with her since 1984 when I was in the fourth grade and saw the music video for “Like A Virgin” at a friends house on MTV (we did not have cable in my family’s house until 2000).  Ever since I have been obsessed with the Material Girl, Queen of Pop.  I have all her albums and admire all her work in music and many transformations.  So today, I will post Juli’s favorite song of the day, “Ray of Light” for your viewing and listening enjoyment.