Ready, Set, Move! Final Installment

Well, it’s been a quick and painless summer since moving from Okinawa back to the DC area in May.  We decided to go with new construction and had a house built in a cute and beautiful neighborhood in Northern Virginia.  Hubby and I selected our upgrades, colors, model and excavation and enjoyed watching the speedy progress while it was built.  Ground was broken on the lot we chose back in mid-June and on August 28th Hubby and I had our final walk through and closed on August 31st. 

While waiting for our new home we were lucky to have such generous and patient parents (Hubby’s) who let us take over their basement and let us keep Rocky with us the whole summer.  Last night was Hubby and my last night at the house and Rocky will join us at our new home on Friday after all our household goods and deliveries have arrived. 

So, here is our new house and a pic of our beautiful gourmet kitchen!!  We are very very excited about starting the next chapter in our lives and get started living in our new house and making it a home.  Once my office is set up and all my books are on their shelves I’ll post pics.

Of course we have to wait till the 10th for Verizon to come out and set up our phone/cable/Internet, so till then I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day weekend and I’ll see ya on the flip side.  XOXO

Sod, completed house 3503 Emory Lane 22193 004

House 8.22.09 012

Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 5

We are here!  We have been back in the DC area for almost a week already and a lot has happened.  We have phones, I have a brand new red Ford Escape and we may have chosen our new house already.  We will have to wait till August to move in if all goes well since the house will have to be built so we will stay with my in-law’s. 

Red 025

Of course you can understand that I haven’t done a lick of reading since we landed with all the things going on.  Hopefully next week with Hubby starting his new gig I will find the time to get back to reading.  I have a few books waiting to be read for review as well. 

I am looking forward to being a tourist in my home town this summer.  With so many great things to do around here it will be a busy summer which will be a good thing.  What have you been up to?  Any big plans for the upcoming Memorial Weekend?  We hope to catch a movie or two.  Yesterday we saw Star Trek and damn was it good.  Beautiful cinematography as well as a gorgeous cast.  The story was clever, grasping and interesting.  Do you have a movie to recommend?

Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 4

I can’t quite believe that tomorrow is almost here and today is quickly coming to an end.  It has been our last full day in Okinawa and it went so fast.  All of a sudden it is 9:30 pm and my packing is pretty much done until I finish getting ready in the morning and have to pack the hair dryer and flat iron.  Hubby is packing as I type this and Rocky is suspicious and seems antsy. 

The last three weeks in the Hamagawa Lodge have flown buy.  We have been so busy with final lunches and dinners at our favorite restaurants, going away parties, birthday parties, an office picnic, my last pedicure and nail art appointment at Cocok’s Salon *sigh*, a surprise retirement party for one of Hubby’s co-workers and of course our last night at the Butler Officer’s Club for karaoke. 

Thanks to the crappy T.V. reception and poor show choices I have had the chance to get some reading done.  I finished Marisa de los Santos’ Belong To Me and absolutely LOVED it.  I will be posting my gushing review after we return to the States.  I will also be hosting Marisa and her guest post as well as running a giveaway contest for the book later this month. 

I’m back to reading on the Kindle 2.0 for the flight and really enjoying it after all the hubbub about the new Kindle DX last week.  I love my “smaller” Kindle and started reading Three Cups of Teaon it the other day.  Besides having my Kindle with me for the flight we have the Nintendo DS Lite and a few games, iPods, Sudoku books and laptops to watch DVD’s.  The twelve hour flight from Tokyo to DC should be bearable with all that entertainment plus the in-flight movies.  Too bad poor Rocky can’t even have a toy in his kennell with him in the baggage compartment.  Part of me hopes he’ll have another animal to talk with down there but then I hope that he is alone and will just sleep most of the time.  He knows something is up and has been overly affectionate today. 

So, this is my last post from Okinawa.  Tomorrow I will be a Washingtonian again (though I’m always one since I grew up there) and will start a new chapter.  Don’t worry, you’ll read all about it here.  See ya on the flip side!!

Ready, Set, Move! ~ Part 3

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  Our stuff is GONE!!!  So, we scheduled our pack out over three days.  Tuesday was the express pack out.  1000 lbs took thirty minutes to wrap and box up and thirty minutes to figure out which way to get it into the crates.  Tuesday and Thursday were for the house hold goods pack out.  Well my friends… the Japanese are AMAZING at pack outs.  It took eight men, six hours and nine and a half crates to wrap and pack up the remaining 9000 lbs (approximately) of our stuff!  WE HAVE A LOT OF STUFF FOLKS!!  It is crazy that our things, and I know they are just things, are getting ready to set sail on their trans-Pacific cruise and cross-country road trip to Virginia. 

Now we are in the Hamagawa Lodge off base for two and a half weeks and then we are outta here.  Unfortunately the hotel has a terrible Internet connection and when it did work it turned out to be insecure and my address book was hacked and everyone was spammed by some Chinese outfit.  (Sorry if you received that!)  So on that note, I am currently using a computer at Hubby’s office and will be using this periodically as well has generous friends Internet until we leave.  Till next time, have a great weekend!

Ready, Set, Move! Part 2

Well, here’s the update folks.  The movers come next Tuesday for the express shipment and Wednesday and Thursday will be the pack out days for the household goods shipment.  Hubby, Rocky and I will move into an off-base hotel that allows pets on Wednesday for our last three weeks on the island.  Now you might be wondering how quickly the “express” shipment will get to Virginia.  A MONTH!  I don’t know why they bother calling it an express shipment.  We are allotted 1000 pounds and no furniture in the express.  Clothes and shoes that aren’t going in suitcases, towels, sewing machine, fabric, stampin’ stuff and whatever else we feel that will safely arrive in that shipment. 

Household goods is EVERYTHING ELSE.  Furniture, computer, kitchen stuff, BOOKS, CD’s, patio furniture, nick-knacks, vases, elliptical machine and everything else we own here.  It’s scary to think that all our stuff is going on a ship across the Pacific Ocean and then on a truck or train across the U.S.  When we moved here we had a missing crate out or seven crates.  It was the most expensive crate all in all and included our bedroom set (but the bed made it), our large T.V., a brand new coffee table, guest bedroom dresser/night stand, Calphalon set, stainless set, cookbooks and numerous other items had disappeared.  Thank goodness our situation was put into perspective when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf and we realized that we really weren’t missing much.  But, I will admit that for our first move with the job, I will worry every time from now on. 

Have you ever moved across the country, around the world or just down the street?  Did things go smoothly or did things go hair-wire?

Ready, Set, Move! Part 1

Some of you may know and some of you may not, but Hubby, Rocky and I are preparing for the big move from Okinawa back to the D.C. area.  YAY!  We have been procrastinating our butts off over the last month and though our paperwork to make things absolutely, positively, no doubt about it official haven’t arrived on Hubby’s desk yet, we have flight reservations for mid-May and a separation date from Hubby’s job. 

Well, the moving bug finally hit yesterday with a BANG!  Whew!  When you live over here you have to sell your cars and though you could give power of attorney to a friend if you can’t sell them before you leave, we don’t want to do that.  Hubby didn’t think that we would get a whole heck of a lot for our cars.  No one really has used cars here if you are SOFA Status.  The Japanese requirements on cars are pretty strict and you have to get them inspected and the insurance renewed every two years.  This is called JCI.  It’s not really hard to do but can get expensive if the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection.  Well, Big Kahuna passed with flying colors last week.  Yes, I named my van Big Kahuna.  I LOVE him!  He’s the best and technically he is the first car that is solely mine. Ever!  His JCI was coming up in May so in order to sell him more easily I JCI’d him on Tuesday. 


Yesterday I posted an ad for the van on www.OkinawaYardSales.comwith some pics and a write up and in less than twenty minutes from posting it, I had an e-mail from someone who wanted to see the van.  Within three hours I had received nine e-mails and over eighty-five views!  We met with the first person yesterday evening and they want to buy my van!  I am so relieved because it’s one less gigantic thing to worry about.  Now I have to take Hubby’s car in for an oil change and detail service tomorrow morning then get an ad on Oki Yard Sales for it and see what happens.  Wish me luck! 

This morning I purged my drawers and I have a huge pile of clothes to take over to the thrift shop on base.  I still have to do the closet but I feel much better now that the ball has started rolling.  37 days left in Okinawa!

Sunday Salon ~ Fuzzy

We have about 86 days until we move from Okinawa to the D.C. area.  It’s overwhelming, all I can think about and as it seems from the last post, last weekend, all I can inconsistently blog about.  I haven’t picked up a book in over a week now.  I had all my stampin’ stuff out over the last few days and made a few cards but I just put all that stuff away again.  I have been feeling a bit lost and am thinking that maybe it’s because I am not reading a book.  When I read a book, I find that it anchors me into something that has a beginning, middle and end.  It entertains me, makes me think and takes me away for a little while.  I think it might be time to pick a title from my TBR shelf and dive in.