How Did He Get Away With This Stuff?!

I am about half way done with “My War… Killing Time In Iraq” and I must say that I am repeatedly shocked at what this guy got away with blogging about.  I think that in the last couple of years there has been a new rule in the military that says you can not have a MySpace page or a blog while active duty.  Well if that is true, I can see why they made this rule because there is tons of stuff about missions and that little event about shooting up a mosque that is not what the U.S. Government wants us little minded U.S. citizens to know about. 

I do wonder how this guy became such a huge hit in the bloggesphere without really advertising the fact that he had a blog in the first place.  His writing is good though and I have enjoyed reading this book so far.  I definitely don’t think that the out-houses at Girl Scout camp in fourth and fifth grade where that bad after reading about the make-shift bathrooms these troops had to use for days on end.  DISGUSTING!!!!!!!  Reading about it caused me to almost throw up in my mouth! 

What do you think of this book so far and what U.S. Forces are doing in the Fight Against Terror in the Middle East?  I will say that living in Okinawa and watching Armed Forces Network Television proves that the U.S. press does not tell the whole story about what good things our military is doing for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“My War” Is Reading Well

Well it’s Friday afternoon and I have had my book for about twenty-four hours now and the next time I pick it up to read I will be starting Part 2.  Part 1 was a build up to Buzzell’s deployment to Iraq as a member of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.  We get to know this man who became a Soldier to make something of his bum life.  So far he’s a typical twenty-something who didn’t make much of himself when he had a chance to do it in a safer environment.  I really like the way this book reads because it doesn’t feel like I’m reading a diary/blog but more like Buzzell is just sitting with me in the local Starbucks (yes we have those here in Okinawa too) and telling me his story. 

I did like reading about the JRTC because I know some Marines who have gone through the training there before their deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan over the last couple of years.  I would love to sit down with my friends (who are safely back with their families after doing their jobs and serving our country) and ask them about the JRTC and even have them take a look at this book.

I did find Buzzell’s blog online and you can check it out at  Remember that this book is taken directly from his blog so I did have a moment of “I spent money on the book when I could have just read the blog?” but oh well.  The book is easier to take with you in the car and read while waiting for friends for lunch.  You can also find an interview with Bussell at and here’s an article about Buzzell in The Washington Post from March 2006  I also came across a great site operated by PBS called “America at a Crossroads” and the section called “Operatoin Homecoming: Writing The Wartime Expereince” and at the top is an excerpt by Colby Buzzell.

And The January Book Is…

Killing Time in Iraq

… “My War ~ Killing Time In Iraq” by Colby Buzzell.  Hi Guys!!  Sorry it’s taken me so long to post after the vote was closed on Friday.  We are back on the lovely island of Okinawa and the jetlag is kicking our butts yet again.  That flight from the States is a bitch! 

Anyway, I will post again soon but in case you hadn’t checked the poll results I wanted to let you know what our January title is.  I need to order my copy or check the library ASAP!