December!? Where The Heck Did November Go?

Where the hell have I been?  I sure wasn’t present on this blog in the month of November now was I?  Sorry about that folks.  Between travel to the States for two weeks, computer problems and then WordPress problems, I just fell off the blogging wagon.  I am now making a pledge to post once a day this month so I can get back into the swing of things and catch you up on all I’ve been up to, all (not really) I’ve read, all I’ve baked and all I’ve been listening to recently. 

You may have noticed this new, obnoxious look for Planet Books too.  I used this design last Christmas and until comes up with a new Christmas design that I like better, this is the one I’ll be using.  I think it is very festive!  On Friday, Hubby and I decorated the house for Christmas and I must say it looks great.  At night we turn off the regular lights and sit in the mood lighting of the Christmas tree, candles, a small white Christmas tree on the piano and the Christmas lights woven throughout the rungs of the banister.  I love it and it just makes the house so unbelievably cozy. 


A couple of weeks ago I said that I would post pictures and stories from my trip to D.C. in November.  Well, those stories and pics will be coming soon.  They will help me write a post a day for the next week or so, so hang tight and check back soon.

To all of you Americans out there, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and are getting excited about the holiday season as it is now upon us.  What are some of the things on your Christmas list this year?  Books?  Clothes?  Something big and outrageous or small and exquisite?  Please share your wishes with me.  I have asked for a personal digital recorder since a lot of my ideas for this blog come to me in the mornings while I’m laying in bed, waking up.  By the time I get up (talking instead of writing in the waking up state is much easier for me) and get to the computer, most of those clever thoughts have fled like the sleep from my eyes.  I also asked for the “Martha Stewart Cooking School Books ~ Lessons & Recipes for the Home.”  Those are just a couple of the items on my Christmas list this year.  We’ll see what arrives under the tree.