I Can’t Do It!


So you may remember that I was very excited about reading along to my digital download of The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson while traveling to and from the states last month.  Well, I tried, I really tried.  I wanted to read this book so badly that it was the only one I brought on the forever long flight from Japan to D.C.  Unfortunately I wasn’t expecting my gag reflex to kick in so violently that it made it impossible for me to read along or just plain read The Gargoyle.  I am hoping that I grow thicker skin as I get older and will be able to read it one day but for now, reading about the main character’s horrific burns on most of his body and the very detailed description of the treatments he had to undergo were too much for me. 

Now I know that this is a work of fiction but the writing is so good and wonderful that I felt as if I was experiencing everything that the character was going through and it was really terrible.  Have you read The Gargoyle?  I know a few of you out there have and I read your glistening reviews of the book, which made me even more excited about reading it, but were those scenes hard for you to get through too?  Am I the only one?

It’s A Busy Life This Week!

I am getting ready to head stateside next week for a friend’s wedding and have been busy with preparations.  On top of that, I am co-hosting a baby shower for a friend here on island on Sunday which I have to make Martha Stewart’s favorite Coconut Cupcakes for, getting a door replaced in the master bedroom closet, supervising the house cleaners on Saturday morning, picking up the hubby from the airport on Saturday evening, getting in one more acupuncture/massage appointment before sitting on the plane for a total of sixteen hours on Tuesday and getting a pedicure.  Whew!  So, needless to say, I am not getting a whole lot of reading done this week/weekend.  That is okay though because on the flight over, I have set aside THE GARGOYLE that I won from BOOKISH RUTH this summer as well as the audio download to read along too.  I’m really excited about that and will try to stay awake for most of the flight (Tokyo to Dulles is 12.5 hours) so I can get on the East Coast sleep schedule more quickly.  I only have two weeks at home and I have things to do and tons of people to see. 

Tonight, I ran out to get Rocky some food with my friend Shyla, and while we were at the PX we found a Sock Monkey dog toy.  Well of course I had to get it for Rocky.  It’s pretty cool and has a plastic bottle inside of the monkey so it crunches when gnawed on.  This thing was an immediate hit with Rock when we gave it to him but he ended up loving it too much.  After about twenty minutes he started to chew a hole in the monkey’s head.  No more Sock Monkey Rocky.  Here’s a rawhide.  Enjoy!