Friday Finds ~ July 29th, 2011

Friday Finds ~ July 8th, 2011

This was my favorite meme to put together when I get the time.  I like looking at the book covers and putting them all together.  It makes me want to go to the book store!  Friday Finds is hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.  While browsing fabulous book blogs,, Washington,, various other places on the Internet, checking out the book section of Hubby’s Entertainment Weekly Magazine and getting recommendations from friends, these are the books that either made it to my wish list this week or I downloaded the samples on my Kindle from



The Pirates of Somalia by Jay Bahadur
The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai
The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The Amateur Marriage by Anne Tyler

Book Review ~ The Abstinence Teacher

The Abstinence TeacherThis week, I read “The Abstinence Teacher” by Tom Perrotta.  It was one of the many books I received from my family for Christmas as well as one of the books on my TBR shelf that I had in mind for my “33 of 33” self-challenge.  I was glad to have a moment to read it, though that meant I had fallen off the wagon that is “The Pillars of the Earth”.  (That book is sooooooo long, good, but long.)

I had read Perrotta’s “Little Children” a few years ago and really enjoyed it.  Well “The Abstinence Teacher” has a similar formula but on a completely different topic.  The story is about a health/sex ed high school teacher who ends up in a morality and belief battle with her school district as well as the local soccer coach who is a recovering drug and alcohol addict and wishes he could find easier success with being a born-again Christian.  The story is very suspenseful and the character development is wonderful but there were some things missing that would have cleared up some questions.  Why did the teacher, Ruth, not believe in God and have such a huge problem with prayer after the Soccor game when it was led by Coach Tim?  I also understand the the author likes to give us a glimpse into the character’s lives and we are to think that their lives are just continuing past the last page but I like things tied up in a nice bow when I have enjoyed a book and it’s characters so much.  All in all I would recommend this book because of the thoughts it provokes about issues that are real in America’s society.