Sunday Salon ~ December 21st, 2008

Only one more Sunday in the year left after today.  It’s hard to believe that 2008 is almost a mere memory and a new number will round out the year.  With the new year just around the corner, so is my 34th birthday.  I am a New Year’s Baby, minus the big ears.  I am not freaking out about the number 34 as I was a couple of months ago when I came across the first gray hair I’ve ever noticed on my head.  I immediately went to the store and purchased hair dye to cover that little bastard up.  I will have to get another box soon since his friends decided to join him as my roots are beginning to show. 

The new year will also find me attempting a much needed, devoted attempt at dieting.  I’ve asked Santa/Hubby for a new pair of Nike Shocks so I can start walking in addition to dieting.  I do have a goal which is good and is actually a huge motivation for me.  In June I plan on attending Fan Fair, now called CMT Fest, in Nashville, TN with my friend Jesse (the one who got married in D.C. last month) and I would like to be comfortable wearing short sleeve shirts and not being self conscious about my arms the whole time.  We’ll see what I can do.

But I am not dieting yet and that has been apparent over the last few days.  With the holidays upon us, I have been a baking fool and Hubby has been making some delectable dishes.  Today I made both Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Bread and Banana Nut Bread (with coconut) and yesterday Hubby made Tyler Florence’s Mac & Cheese.  That Mac & Cheese came out of the oven looking so pretty, bubbly and perfect I had to take a pic and share it with you below. 


I have been reading too this weekend.  I am almost done with The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  I could have been finished by now but I am enjoying the story and it’s characters so much that I have been taking my time.  It’s also the 33rd of 33 books I will have read this year.  I had made a goal for myself back in January to read 33 books for the number of birthday’s I have celebrated.  I will be doing a top five or top 10 list (I haven’t decided yet) of the books I have read this year by the end of it. 

What reading goals did you make for yourself this year?  If you didn’t will you be making one in 2009?  Also, did you eat anything mouthwatering this weekend too?  Do tell!

Sunday Salon ~ October 5th, 2008


Hello there!  Well, this weekend was not a weekend for reading.  Last week was though and I started Judith Matloff’s Home Girl ~ Building a Dream House on a Lawless Block.  Back in August, Judith joined us here at Planet Books for a guest post.  You can check out her guest post HERE where Judith shared her writing experience with us.  So far Home Girl is reading very well.  It’s almost like watching an episode of HBO’s The Wire, reading about all the drug dealers on her ‘lawless block’ in Harlem and trying to live along side them.



This weekend did not bode well for reading because we were busy with acupuncture/massage on Saturday morning and with celebrating Hubby’s birthday which is Monday.  We thought he was leaving today for a business trip but that was pushed back a few days so we decided to make his birthday a weekend celebration.  Friday night we tried out a Chinese restaurant we had heard about a couple of years ago and damn was it good.  I think it may have been one of the best meals I have had at a restaurant on this island in three and a half years!  Delicious!!  For all of you readers out there who share this island with me, it was The Peacock Chinese Restaurant on Rte. 58 just south of Futenma Marine Base. 

Last night we went to dinner and karaoke with dear friends of ours, who after living in Okinawa for the last ten years are moving back to the States on Monday.  We will miss you Gale & Jim!!!!

Today I made waffles for Hubby and then we went to the commissary.  This evening Hubby and I (he did 90% of the work) made one of Tyler Florence’s lasagna recipes.  I gave Hubby two of Tyler’s cookbooks for his birthday so he picked the lasagna recipe to make this evening and we will be eating lasagna for the next four days.  It is amazing though and probably THE BEST lasagna I have ever had!  The cookbook is Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen: An Indispensable Guide for Anybody Who Likes to Cook.  The other Tyler Florence cookbook I got Hubby is Eat This Book: Cooking with Global Fresh Flavors

Did you have anything sinfully delicious to eat this weekend?  If you made something from a cookbook at home, please tell us about it and which cookbook you used.  Hubby and I love cookbooks as well as learning about new dishes.