What I’m Listening To This Week

This week I was so happy that Vampire Weekend’s sophomore release finally “dropped.”  It’s called CONTRA and I just love it!  This band first hit the scene back in 2007 and I have loved them since my first listen on NPR’s All Songs Considered.  This tune is from this weeks release and it’s called “Cousins.”  Enjoy!

Today’s Favorite Song

Over at my friend’s blog Bibliofool, he has the occassional post called “What received multiple plays on the iPod this morning?”.  I loved his idea soooooo much that I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m adopting it over here at Planet Books.  I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!  Actually, I hate silence and find myself unbearably uncomfortable in it’s presence.  I am constantly listening to tunes if the tv isn’t on and I love sharing music with people so this is a great way for me to do that.

Today, and probably for the last month or so, my favorite song has been by a great little band called VAMPIRE WEEKEND.  The tune is titled A-Punk and though the whole album is fanastic this track has a cool yet simple video so here ya go!