Time To Vote For Planet Books’ JULY/AUGUST Book

Hello There!!  I am really excited about the nominated titles for the July/August book and I hope you will be too.  I spent a while reading book blogs, BookBrowse.com, BookMovement.com, BookReporter.com, ReadingGroupGuides.com as well as Borders.com, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com and finally came up with three great books that I hope you will enjoy learning about and then cast your vote below.  Voting polls will close Friday, June 27th at Midnight EST!

The first title is Elizabeth Noble’s “The Friendship Test”.  I have read Noble’s “The Reading Group” and loved it and I think this one sounds great too.  Below is a summary of “The Friendship Test” from Elizabeth Noble’s web site.  You can read an excerpt of the book HERE

A Novel

THE FRIENDSHIP TEST ~ “One late wine- and gossip-fueled night, four friends on a lark create a fateful test of friendship — one that challenges the very principles and boundaries of their alliance. To pass it means to never, at any cost, betray one another. Twenty years later, they must face that ultimate test.
We meet them at the dawn of their camaraderie in the 1980s and already each woman is distinguished from the other: Tamsin, the compassionate mother hen; Reagan, the brazen and clever overachiever; Sarah, the seemingly perfect beauty; and Freddie, who despite being far from her U.S. home, finds strength in her friends. We forward to today, and as promised they are still firm friends… that is until a crisis occurs and the principles that define their friendship test are challenged. Exquisitely rendered by Elizabeth Noble, The Friendship Test is a powerful testament to the depth and capacity of female relationships.”

The second book nominated is “The Position”by Meg Wolitzer.  “The Position” sounds intruiging and spicy which I thought could make for interesting discussions if this is the book to win the vote.  Below is a summary of the book and as with all three nominated books, you can read an excerpt HERE

A Novel

THE POSITION ~ “In1975, Paul and Roz Mellow write a bestselling Joy of Sex-type book that mortifies their four school-aged children and ultimately changes the shape of the family forever. Thirty years later, as the now dispersed family members argue over whether to reissue the book, we follow the complicated lives of each of the grown children and their conflicts in love, work, marriage, parenting, and, of course, sex — all shadowed by the indelible specter of their highly sexualized parents. Insightful, panoramic, and compulsively readable, The Position is an American original.”

The last book on the list is Kate Christensen’s “The Great Man”.  I had heard an INTERVIEW with Christensen on NPR’s Fresh Air last month and became interested in this story of “…secrets, love, and legacy in the New York art world.”  “The Great Man”  won the PEN/Faulkner Award this year.  Below is a summary of the book and you can read an excerpt HERE.

The Great Man

THE GREAT MAN~ “Oscar Feldman, the renowned figurative painter, has passed away. As his obituary notes, Oscar is survived by his wife, Abigail, their son, Ethan, and his sister, the well-known abstract painter Maxine Feldman. What the obituary does not note, however, is that Oscar is also survived by his longtime mistress, Teddy St. Cloud, and their daughters.
As two biographers interview the women in an attempt to set the record straight, the open secret of his affair reaches a boiling point and a devastating skeleton threatens to come to light. From the acclaimed author of The Epicure’s Lament, a scintillating novel of secrets, love, and legacy in the New York art world.”

Time to Vote for Planet Books’ May/June’s Book

Three books were nominated for the May/June book vote.  I am going to stick with the three titles and not submit one myself because the purpose of asking you to nominate a title was to put it i your hands for a change.  The following books were nominated:  

MATRIMONY: A Novel by Joshua Henkin A Novel

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Love in the Time of Cholera (Vintage International)

Occasion for Loving by Nadine Gordimer Occasion for Loving

 So without further ado HERE is the Planet Books voting poll for May/June.  The deadline is Sunday, May 4th at midnight EST (in Okinawa that is Monday, May 5th at 1pm). 




Happy New Year… oh, and here’s the poll!

Happy New Year everyone!!  I am still not sure where 2007 went but I am sure glad to have spent the last half of it with you here at Planet Books.  One of my resolutions for 2008 is to be a better blogger and not go so many days without talking with you.  The trip home to see family and friends has been a whirlwind and is entering it’s last week before heading off to our home in Okinawa. 

I have finally selected our theme for the January vote.  Award winning books from 2007.  As it was reported on a news show a few weeks ago, Americans love to make lists, read lists and make more lists.  So, as I have been reading the Top 10 lists of everything you can imagine for 2007, and keeping in mind some of your suggestions, I thought that the winners of four very different book awards would be a good way to find our four titles to vote from.  The Man Booke Prize, the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize in Literature and the Lulu Blooker Prize.  The last one is a new prize from the world of books and is actually blogs that became books. 

web surveysTake Our Poll 

Voting Ends Friday, January 4th!!


The Gathering by Anne Enright won the 2007 Man Booker Prize
Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson won the 2007 National Book Award
The Road by Cormac McCarthy won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Literature
My War ~ Killing Time In Iraq by Colby Buzzell won the 2007 Lulu Blooker Prize

The Gathering (Man Booker Prize)A NovelRoadKilling Time in Iraq

I Hope You’re Hungry For A New Read!

It’s that time again.  Time to vote for next months book.  Thanks to one of our readers and her brilliant idea to make the theme of our November vote FOOD.  I have done some research and came across four books about cooking schools, food critics, and all the food that effected their lives.  I am looking for cooking and baking inspiration as the holiday season grows nearer. 

Our four choices start with “The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School” by Kathleen Flinn.  Second, there’s “Garlic & Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise” by Ruth Reichl.  Next we have “The Man Who Ate Everything” by Jeffrey Steingarten and last but not least there’s “The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute”by Michael Ruhlman.

Just click HERE and cast your vote.  The poll will be open until Halloween, Wednesday October 31st.  Check back to see which title we will be reading on November 1st. 

Love, Laughter, and Tears at the World's Most Famous Cooking SchoolThe Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise

  The Man Who Ate EverythingMastering Heat at the Culinary Institute

Get Your Vote READ!

Hey y’all!  I just checked the voting poll ( click the tan highlighted words to go to the poll and vote) and “Atonement” and “The Year of Magical Thinking” are tied right now.  We need some more votes so I’ll keep the poll open until Friday.  Please let your friends know about this book club and see if they can help us determine what October’s book will be. 

Welcome To The New Home Of PLANET BOOKS!!

Due to some technical difficulties over at Live Journal, Planet Books has moved to Word Press.  I hope you find it easier to post your comments and participate in our monthly book vote.  Vote for the October title HERE!!!

Our choices are “The Year of Magical Thinking”, “Snow Flower An The Secret Fan”, “Atonement: A Novel”, & “A Farewell To Arms”I will be closing the poll on October 3rd so get your votes in and check back on the 4th to see which title we will be reading this month.