Sunday Salon ~ June 29th, 2008

As I wait patiently (yeah right) for the July Book Blowout to start over at Blue Archipelago, I wanted to read something short.  I’m reading Elie Wiesel’s “NIGHT“.  I didn’t say I was reading anything light and short now did I. 
                                   Night (Oprah's Book Club)
My mother-in-law had left this book here for me to read after her and my father-in-law’s visit to Okinawa in 2006 and I am reading it now.  Like I have said before, I believe that books find you.  I think it is important to be reminded of the horrors of the past so as not to repeat them in the future.  The Holocost was a horrific hell and injustice against a people, religion and the world.  I am about half way through “NIGHT” and though I find it effecting my mind’s eye even when the book is waiting for me to pick it up again, I feel it important to be reading it and will be finishing it tomorrow. 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ June 29th, 2008

  1. “I believe that books find you.”

    Yes, that is often true. I also believe, though, a book finds you so that you can pass it on to the one it’s truly destined for. AND I believe books surface to the top of Mt. TBR exactly when they’re meant to. I can’t remember if I’ve read Night, but I believe I have it somewhere in my library… I’ll get to it eventually, I’m sure. 😀

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