Jesse’s Wedding

The main purpose for my visit to D.C. last month was to attend one of my best friend’s wedding.  Her name is Jesse and we met while working in D.C. in 2001.  We have had the great fortune of keeping in touch and building our friendship past the workplace over the last seven years.  Jesse attended Hubby and my wedding in April of 2004, visited us in Memphis three times while we lived there, and even invited me to join her on a business trip to Hong Kong and Singapore during the summer of 2007.  That trip definitely was a fantastic time for us both, especially since we hadn’t seen each other since Hubby and my move to Okinawa in May 2005. 

I am so glad that I made the long trek to the states to see Jesse marry Matt in front of their family and friends.  My folks were guests as well and enjoyed themselves immensely too.  The beautiful and touching wedding ceremony was held in an old Lutheran church, one block behind the Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C.  Their gorgeous and memorable reception took place on the deck of the Odyssey Dinner Cruise on the Potomac River.  The night was crisp, cool and calm and for three hours we floated past the lit monuments of our nation’s capitol as well as Old Town Alexandria and Georgetown.  The wedding band was awesome and it turned out that I went to college at Shenandoah University with the female singer.  It is a small world. 

Here is a pic of the happy couple as they danced their first dance. 


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